Jon Stewart: Income Inequality Is All the Rage in Davos Cocaine-atoriums (Video)

Jon Stewart: Income Inequality Is All the Rage in Davos Cocaine-atoriums (Video)

Billionaires are very, very concerned, says “Daily Show” host

The billionaires at the exclusive Davos World Economic Forum are all atwitter about income inequality, and Jon Stewart has noted the irony.

After rolling tape of a CNN correspondent saying inequality is the most popular conversation topic in the “sah-lons” of the Swiss Alps, the “Daily Show” host suggested it's come up in other places as well.

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“Inequality! They're talking about it in the cigar lounges and the champagne pavilions! In the cocaine-atoriums!” Stewart intoned. “They're talking about it inside the same shared escorts.”

Hypocrisy? Pish-posh, says Stewart.

“I believe the real hypocrisy are the poor people who say they care so much about income inequality but couldn't be bothered to come to Davos,” he scolded. “Shows lack of commitment.”

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So how severe is the inequality? Stewart noted a recent report that the 85 richest people on earth have as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion.

Perhaps it's time to open those cocaine-atoriums to the masses.

Watch the video:

  • Richard Genco

    Stewart makes 25 million a year

    • Alyx

      He's worth it.

  • Bongstar420

    Their status is solely dependent on income inequality. They fought to gain their positions against everyone else. I don't believe they can effectively do anything and keep what they have gained. Studies show that relative position is more important to longevity than absolute position.