Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Drag Racing

Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Drag Racing

Pop star in custody after failing sobriety test

Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence and drag racing in Miami Beach, Florida, police officials said on Thursday.

The rapper known as Khalil was also arrested, police said on Twitter.

TMZ, which broke the news of the 19-year old pop star's arrest, reported that Bieber is in custody after failing a field sobriety test.

A police department spokesman did not immediately respond to TheWrap‘s request for comment, nor did a spokesman for Bieber.

See video: Justin Bieber's House Raided Over Egg Attack on Neighbor's House

Bieber shot up the charts with breezy hits such as “Baby” and “Boyfriend,” but his squeaky clean image has picked up blemishes of late.

During his “Believe” tour last year, the singer was criticized for storming off the stage and showing up late to concert dates.

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He has been embroiled in legal controversies after detectives raided his California home this month to look for evidence that he was involved in egging his neighbor's house, causing some $20,000 in damages. Bieber's friend, Xavier Smith — better known as Lil Za — was arrested by police for drug possession during their search.

The singer has also been accused of drag racing in his Calabasas, California neighborhood, although no charges have ever stemmed from the allegations.

  • Mel

    Did anyone not see this coming? Well everyone except those he surrounds himself with?

  • Matt

    Here we go. The beginning of the end. Too much, too soon. It was inevitable.

  • Jim


  • Captain Jack Mehoff


  • Gordon Franklin Terry Sr

    but he was raised Christian . . . Kirk Cameron to the rescue.
    maybe it was all a publicity stunt, him being Christian and all.

  • Jimmy

    I don't know if its more sad or pathetic that he's become just like any other teen celebrity.

  • hupto

    One would think that after Paul Walker, he'd be smart enough not to drag race, especially at night and completely hammered. One would be wrong.

    • Xavier

      So because he's a celebrity he is not human? I'm not trying to protect him but we don't know any more details. DUI? Maybe he had just two beers, that doesn't make him a killer. Whereas Walker was going over 100 MPH.
      I know everyone hates him but stop being so judgemental because he has made millions in his tiny carreer!

      • hupto

        He had a lot more than two beers in his system, including marijuana and pills. And drag-racing is drag-racing, whether he was going 100 or only 50. He endangered the lives of everyone in his path. If this were an isolated incident, I might be willing to give him a pass, but this is just the latest in a long history of dumbass behavior. And the fact that he has made millions doesn't exempt him from acting like a schmuck.

      • Nikkedtruth

        Walker wasn't driving. He was on the passenger seat.

        • hupto

          I know. But a simple, “Dude, slow down!” and he might still be alive today.

  • Lego Warrior

    He needs to get his act together. Get rid of his freeloader entourage.. meaning kick all of them out of his mansion. He should fire his Publicist.

    Then hire a proper publicist and disappear for a while and then return with a list of new songs and a new start.
    But definitely get rid of all those freeloaders that are just with him because it's a free ride of them.

    • Ryan

      Actually, what he should do is grow up and start acting like a mature, responsible adult.

  • Joshua Glowzinski

    This guy has fame and money. But it seems as if he does not have happiness. People forget he is a young teen. Most teenagers have guidance. What do hi parents talk to him about? Perhaps he needs to find better friends. Ones who will tell him what he is doing is wrong. Drag racing, really? How will he feel when he kills or hurts a bunch of people? All I've heard about is this all day. At the gym, it was on one of the TVs. The media loves disasters. Those who case them love attention. They act stupid and cause bad things to happen, the media eats it up, giving them attention, thus making them take things one step farther the next time. To Justin B, I am 28. I've never heard anything you sing. Not my thing. But thing about your life man. With all the money you have, you could just retire and live a normal life for the rest of yours. Take what you've done and be proud of it. Don't listen to all the crap people say about you. Don't give them fuel to add to their fire. Just slow down a bit. That is all.

  • Cristaelf

    Just a stupid cry baby! He's just like any teen just has money.

  • Carlos T. Jackal

    Justin, meet Lindsay. Lindsay – Justin.

    You're both charter members of the “squandered potential” club.

  • kat

    I always New he was a jerk