Justine Sacco Deletes ‘Hope I Don't Get Aids’ Tweet – and Her Account – After Landing in Africa

Justine Sacco Deletes 'Hope I Don't Get Aids' Tweet – and Her Account – After Landing in Africa


But by then, Twitter had already made her transgression a trending topic

Justine Sacco has landed — and as a first order of business, the spokeswoman for Barry Diller's company IAC deleted the tweet that got her in very hot water as she was taking off from London to Cape Town, South Africa.

Moments later, she deleted her account (which had ballooned from some 400 followers to more than 8,000) outright.

But by then, its a matter of public record:



And the storm had long since begun.

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Sacco's tweet provoked anger from the social media mob, which closely tracked her long flight and made #HasJustineLandedYet the No. 1 non-promoted hashtag on Twitter while she was en route. It also raised the ire of her employer, which responded to TheWrap's request for comment with the following statement Friday:

“This is an outrageous, offensive comment that does not reflect the views and values of IAC. Unfortunately, the employee in question is unreachable on an international flight, but this is a very serious matter and we are taking appropriate action.”

IAC owns and operates myriad digital businesses, from Ben Silverman's production company Electus to video sites Vimeo and CollegeHumor. Sacco has worked there for more than two years, joining from the WWE.

justine.sacco.memeDuring the hours Sacco was on her flight, the Internet pounced — with everything from LOLcats-style images (left) to tweets referencing Duck Dynasty, which had its own open-mouth-insert-foot moment this week. One relief organization — Aid for Africa — snapped up the domain name justinesacco.com, and had it redirect to their site while she was still in the air.

Even Buzzfeed piled on, creating a post of 16 Tweets Justine Sacco regrets.

Sacco's employment status wasn't immediately clear as of this posting, but IAC had removed her name from its website‘s media contacts list by the time she landed.

  • liking it from b

    Hilarious. I hope she sacco-ed on it.

  • cal vito

    Who cares wtf it was a joke and what over half of Africa does have aids and they still keep having kids that cry in commercials for money.

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        • Tee Me

          Then don't step foot there ever again. . After Europe and the Americas took the kindness of Africans to mean weakness and underdeveloped it (still are), all they produced were ignorant sicklings like you. .No wonder odiots like you are kidnapped and killed in some parts.

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        • blackgod

          Sounds like you may have been in LA.

      • 1Alouette

        Can you believe that kind of stupid exists? Unbelievable. He will be judged in one way or another.

      • Sick of corruption

        Which homeland? Africa's a big continent !

    • Josey

      You are just an ignorant fool

    • 1Alouette

      You are so ignorant and so small minded. No, half of the CONTINENT of Africa does not have AIDS. People of African background (from any of the countries that exist within the continent) are offended by this fool. But congrats, you proved yourself to be even stupider than she is. Take your cookie Cal.

    • Dr Seuss

      Yep! The joke is on her, standing in the unemployment line HAHAHA!!!!!

    • Trina

      They keep having kids because they are not have birth control readily available to them. Also people obviously care about the issue thats why there is comments on it. It wasn't a joke because it brings up the very pertinent issue that rasicm is alive and well and it's people like you who hide behind “it was a joke” to justify such behavior. They wouldn't be reduced to such measures as to having their children be on commercials asking for aid. If their land was not raped of it's resources and it's people not ravaged by foreign diseases one being aids.

  • jearald

    I wish people got this angry over height discrimination.

    • Justin

      whats wrong shorty

  • BigEnso

    Her FB page is 404 as well

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      • Matt Decuir

        referencing some of her other tweets. She also tweeted something about having dreamt that she had sex with an autistic person, and some other things.

  • Sal

    sacco got sacked


    AIDS is a problem for blacks. The people acting outraged want blacks to get AIDS.

    The whites in South Africa are most in danger not of AIDS, but of being slaughtered by the blacks. Afrikaaner genocide is a major problem. YouTube “South Africa Farm Murders” to see thousands of videos of the terror.

    • 1Alouette

      That's for putting up what stupid looks like (your face + your name). AIDS is a problem all over the world (not just Africa). Educate yourself and take your hate elsewhere. Racist shit.

      • DavidSNESGAMER

        I can't stand people like you who want blacks to die of AIDS by covering it up and saying that whites are the victims.

        • 1Alouette

          I feel sorry for people like you who presume to know what ‘blacks’ need and what the real issues are. Please take the time to educate yourself. Cheers!

    • ellaelise

      Troll, do I need to smack you with the newspaper again?

      • DavidSNESGAMER

        The newspaper that details the black victims of AIDS that you're trying to cover up to give the money to whites? Racist.

    • kitnco

      afrikaaners deserve to die after what they did to africans and non-whites in south africa. they literally treat brown people like shit from 1650 – 1989 so stfu

      • DavidSNESGAMER

        You are evil and good will defeat you.

    • enyoma

      DavidSNESGAMER, it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you're ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. You know NOTHING about South Africa as is evidenced by the fact that You Tube is your referenced source. How many places in South Africa have you been? Have you ever even been to South Africa? How many South Africans do you know? What notable literature have informed your perceptions of South Africa? What do you know about South African history and present day challenges? Don't come here with your ignorant nonsense and cast South Africa in a baseless light or draw the country into Sacco's bombastic racist expressions! I suggest you educate yourself before you come back to comment on this forum…perhaps there will be hope to redeem yourself from the ignorance you have portrayed

    • enyoma

      DavidSNESGAMER, it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you're ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. You know NOTHING about South Africa as is evidenced by the fact that You Tube is your referenced source. How many places in South Africa have you been? Have you ever even been to South Africa? How many South Africans do you know? What notable literature have informed your perceptions of South Africa? What do you know about South African history and present day challenges? Don't come here with your ignorant nonsense and cast South Africa in a baseless light or draw the country into Sacco's bombastic racist expressions! I suggest you educate yourself before you come back to comment on this forum…perhaps there will be hope to redeem yourself from the ignorance you have portrayed

  • Indhira Acevedo

    the fact that she said ”just kidding – Im white” is really mindfucking. This wasnt a joke, this was racist. So what is she saying that Black= AIDS ? now she's the one losing…shouldve thought it better before publishing her ignorance on social media

    • DavidSNESGAMER

      You must want AIDS funds to go to whites. Blacks are the true victims. Your racism and desire to not give the black AIDS victims sympathy is hateful.

      • Indhira Acevedo


        • DavidSNESGAMER

          Yes, there are no words that can cover up your hateful racism. Your desire to pretend that whites are the victims is going to lead to dead blacks.

          I can't believe I live in a world with such racists.

          • skadude

            You need to work on your reading comprehension!

          • DavidSNESGAMER

            Just as soon as you stop your racist hate speech.

          • oooxxxooovvv

            David Brennan of Detroit, you're as much of a tasteless troll as Justine Sacco.

          • DavidSNESGAMER

            So racist, trying to act like white people are the victims. Now you're attempting to bully me, David Brennan of Detroit. Racist, bully….what's next on your hate speech list?

          • ellaelise

            Don't feed the (horrible) trolls :(

          • DavidSNESGAMER

            lol at the anti-intellectualism: “I have no logical reply, so I'll run away!”

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          • Sick of corruption

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      • ellaelise

        Bad troll, bad!

      • 1Alouette


      • Philly Ciz

        AIDS funds should go to people with AIDS… which doesn't care what color you are or how much money your have. Ask Liberace if white people can get AIDS.

    • 1Alouette

      She carries hate in her heart. No decent person would be motivated to make a tweet like that. It is disgusting.

      • Daniel

        and what do you carry in your heart? and who are you that you can make comments about what and who she is because of one tweet? Never made a mistake have you? Grow up a bit dummy and find a different platform for your diatribe.

        • nyan

          Well you're clearly a fool, you have to carrying some kind of hate or contempt in not just your heart but your whole being to make such a comment and think its ok! A mistake is something you do accidentally and can be forgiven for, this was a representation of her views

          • Daniel

            typical idiot way of thinking…blah blah blah I don't agree with what you say so I am going to call you a fool and tell you that you carry contempt in your heart and whole being….blah blah blah. You are WRONG and I am RIGHT, and it will be that way that way forever and ever amen.

          • Hewith

            You're just a racist as well. That kind of comment was uncalled for.

          • Bob

            But didn't you do the same thing by calling some one a dummy for their comments, and also referring to those same comments as diatribe? Daniel, you are clearly a family member or partner

          • Kaou

            Man , can you just shut your mouth & and use your brain ! ?
            No I don't think u can do that ‘
            Only rue mouth is running , , ,

          • Daniel

            Kaou, please stop posting, your comments are utter nonsense, rife with idiotic logic and poor grammar…are you a retard?

          • lessthantolerant

            it clearly is a representation of her indoctrination by the liberal propaganda machine. The left use the Triad of Propaganda (education, media and entertainment) supported by the gay lobby to underrepresent the causes of aids and how it has devastated the gay community and all races. The gay lobby has pushed that aids is a heterosexual black disease for years.
            Congratulations you have seen the success of liberalism as wrong.

        • bobtailbassant

          that is not a “mistake” one should make, maybe you need to grow some brains…if you are representing your company that does not start when you get into your office that is ALL the time…she may have been “joking” but she is not some lady selling shoes in a store, she is an executive representing her company. She had no right to make that “joke” as a person, it was insensitive and racist, but she also had no right to do that because of her job stats…

          • Frobecca

            I worked in retail for years. That dig about her not being just some “lady selling shoes” is classist and also false. She would've gotten fired for talking like that in a store, too. Her “status” isn't as big a factor here as you seem to think. In fact, it's probably more likely that a lower-level employee would have received less consideration.

          • Lilili

            If an employee said that in a store, I'm sure she would receive some sort of consequences. However, if the individual said it on twitter, it would like stay separate from her professional life. If you are a spokeswoman whose whole job is keeping up an image for a company, you are under far more scrutiny. Either way, remarks like this obviously betray poor judgment, poor taste, and no short amount of prejudice.

          • Russell Dee

            I can't tell if the tweet is racist or not.

            Are we saying that she should not be allowed to have a job because she posted this?

          • bobtailbassant

            she needs to use better judgment in future,. As much as we all like to believe it is ok and within our rights to say whatever we want and not feel we should be held accountable for what we say or do, that is us trying to live in a fools paradise. That is not going to happen once humans have feelings that can get hurt… To be honest I am glad we still do…

          • Russell Dee

            All she did was state a statistical fact. Here are the stats on white/black AIDS in South Africa:

            Population group Prevalence (%)

            African 13.6

            White 0.3

            She's basically correct. All she did was text a reasonably accurate statistic in different terms. What she did is insensitive but it's not specifically racist to simply state a true statistic.

            Black people are too sensitive and paranoid about racial issues and they just cost a white woman her livelihood over alleged racism that didn't occur. I used to feel sorry for black people because of their high unemployment but not anymore. They're happy to get a white mom, who's trying to support children. fired for racism that didn't occur.

          • bobtailbassant

            Listen it was an insensitive and yes a little bit racist thing to say, if she had said something about going to Russia and the Holocaust people would have been offended and would have said it was also racist, so please with the black people thing ok….seesh is like you are not allowed to be offended by some shit people say. IT WAS OFFENSIVE and RACIST, South Africa and other people around the world took offence to her dum ass statement… Also for the record I am an East Indian Trinidadian not sure if the makes me black in your country but it makes me a Trini Indian in mine…..

          • Russell Dee

            It was insensitive but it was not racist anymore than it's racist to state that black people have a higher reported incidence of violent crime than white people. It's not racist to say this because it's just a statistical fact. Just because black people get offended by something does not necessarily mean that something bad happened. Sometimes black people cry wolf by complaining that there's racism where there is no racism. This incident is one of those times.

            That poor woman is a working mother trying to support children and black people just got her fired during the holidays for racism even though she did not do anything racist. It's shameful.

          • bobtailbassant

            Well you have your opinion and I have mine, and FYI black people DID NOT GET HER FIRED HER COMPANY IS RUN BY A WHITE GUY who clearly took offence to what was said and how the world reacted…She lost her job due to her stupidity and arrogance and her statement did have a racist undertone that a lot of people picked up on, whether you agree or not is besides the point. Maybe the fact that black people in your country and other countries around the world are still being victimized just for being black is why they/we are having trouble with it. Maybe because whites have oppressed black people for as long as they have and were not the victim of prolonged oppression is why whites can not see why this is a problem……just maybe…

          • Russell Dee

            Like you yourself said,

            “…HER COMPANY IS RUN BY A WHITE GUY who clearly took offence to what was said and how the world reacted”

            The last few words of what you said, “and how the world reacted.” is why she was fired. She was fired because of how the black people reacted.

            Black people could have reacted differently. Black people could have said, “That woman is right, the people in South Africa who have AIDS are predominantly black people. This disease is disproportionately attacking black people and we need more funding to overcome this disease which is targeting black people.”

            But instead black people attacked her and whined about racism so her company leader fired her because he did not want to have a public relations nightmare. Black people got a working mother with small children fired during the holidays. And they got her fired by screaming that she said something racist but she did not say anything racist. I admit that she said something insensitive but she did not say anything racist because it's NOT racist to merely tweet a true statistic. And the statistics REALLY DO say that in South Africa AIDS is mostly sparing white people, and it is mostly infecting black people. All she did is tell the statistical truth and for that black people got her that mother of small children fired during the holidays.

            It's cruel.

            In fact, it's a statistical truth that if a white woman marries a black man she is 12 times more likely to be murdered. That a factual stat. I got that stat from the US Dept of Justice, which is run by Eric Holder, and he is a black male. Is Eric Holder's Justice Department racist for publicizing that statistic? Am I racist for repeating what Eric Holder said? Of course not. It's not racist to simply repeat a statistical fact.

            Black people gave that poor woman and her small children a Christmas present – a pink slip. For Christmas black people gave her children the gift of unemployment for their mom.

            It's sad.

          • bobtailbassant

            soooooooo the world of black people got her fired wow good for them…please with this ridiculous excuse for her wrong doing…she was wrong and like I said there was a racist undertone in her comment that not just “black people” heard and saw…

          • Russell Dee

            The world of black people got her fired, but also there are white people who helped black people to get her fired. A lot of white people sympathize with the plight of black people but some white people take it too far and want to agree with anything that black people say.

            I do sympathize with black people but only when sympathy is justified. This situation is not one of those cases. The correct response to this situation is this:

            The woman did not say anything racist but she did say something insensitive. She should not be fired but she should be shamed publicly for her insensitivity towards people with AIDS. It's not what she said that is insensitive but rather the mere fact that she was actually trying to make a joke about AIDS that is insensitive. There is nothing funny about AIDS. The people dealing with AIDS are not laughing. It is not a joke to them. It was VERY insensitive of her to try to make a joke involving this most horrific of diseases. but she said NOTHING racist.

            You say, “good for the black people” for getting her fired. Do you also say good for the American white people who put 1/3 of all American black males in jail? I think not.

            Injustice goes round and round. If it is good that black people got an innocent white woman to lose her job for racism that she did not commit then I'm cool with it that white people lock up 1/3 of black males.

            What comes around goes around.

            There was nothing racist in what she said. It is no more racist for her to say that it's rare for white people to get AIDS in Africa then it is for me to say that white women are less likely to be murdered if they marry a white man and that white men are less likely to be murdered if they marry a white woman. It's not racist to state statistical fact. I'm just stating statistical fact.

          • bobtailbassant

            makes you no different then her…..maybe it makes me know different that you… I also believe right is right and wrong is wrong people have become to desensitized to what they say and how it effects ones around them. I stand by what I said she got herself fired and there was a racist tone to her comment. By you constantly quoting “stats” doesn't make what she said any better or less racist and insensitive. I do agree that she should be shamed and I do believe she has, should she get her job back? I don't believe she should no one with kind of thinking should be allowed to hold a position of power, no matter how small as that person will take advantage of it. I think we will have to agree to disagree. I am thankful that you kept your comments respectful…for the most part.

          • Russell Dee

            I kept my comments respectful because I respect you and I respect all people who engage in polite discussion/debate. I'm just trying to find the truth. I'm not 100% sure I'm right but I think I am.

            I also saw other posts by her that kind of support your position that she's racist. She cuts down English people about their teeth, goes after a “German dude” about his body odor, and says something inappropriate Jews and about an autistic kid.

            I think she might have a little bit of the bigot thing going on inside her, but unfortunately I just don't see it in the one post that got her into all the trouble she's in. But there is a lesson in this for all of this – we have to be careful what we say in the hi-tech world. Even if we don't mean to be racist or ugly it can be perceived as if we are so we should be very careful.

            I do not personally believe it's right for white people to lock up 1/3 of black people but in a world where black people are going to get white people fired from their jobs for racism that didn't really happen then why should I lose sleep over it if a black man goes to jail unfairly? White people do black people wrong and black people do white people wrong – that's just the way things are.

            Anyway, it was nice talking to you.

          • bobtailbassant

            completely agreed. It was good chatting with you to, if you are ever in Trinidad let me know. Seasons greetings to you and yours…

          • lompico

            She did not say blacks have more Aids than whites in any meaningful context; she made a joke out of it. That is racially offensive. Black people did not get her fired….that is blaming the victims of her racism for the consequences. Do black people run AIC.

            Racists fall all over themselves defending racism. “There are no racists except those who call out racism: MLK was the greatest racist in US history.”

          • lompico

            The victims of racism are way too sensitive. It is a statistical fact that Whites are not Africans. There are no known cases of Aids among Whites.

          • lessthantolerant

            Unfortunately, she is entitled to her opinion, the company has a right to fire her, same as A&E with Mr. Robertson. But, neither company should, what they should do is use this as a Segway to open discussions on why these comments are perceived as hateful and how to prevent the form being.
            Unfortunately the left does not want open dialogue, it hurts their victim mentality.

          • Kaou

            I really appreciate your comment ‘
            I can tell you that some people may b selling shoes in store but they are very intelligent and human kind ‘

          • bobtailbassant

            my apologies my dear, it was not the intended to be “classes” however I do not agree with you that her “status” is not an issue, if she was just a lady selling shoes in a store she would have been fired the end. The store would have felt no “heat” on it and life would have gone on. However because of her position in the company that fact the she is, or rather was, the PR person she this went “viral” (for lack of a better word) and she made her company look bad. With that being said my main point remains the same, it was an insensitive, racist comment to make and it got her fired…or at least in some very hot water…

          • Russell Dee

            I don't know if the statement is actually racist, although she does seem to be making a joke of the fact that as a white person she's less likely to get AIDS.

        • 1Alouette

          You must be one of her friends/member of her family. Sorry, I don't talk to racists or racist sympathizers. Peace be with you. Cheers!

          • brittany sm

            Have you heard? Famous designer Marc Jacobs tortures and stalks a young girl named Angel Barta. He stole her ideas, copied her style. Read the details with evidence on: styleangelique blogspot com

          • Russell Dee

            1Alouette, you're a racist.

          • 1Alouette

            Good luck to you Russel Dee.

          • Russell Dee

            1Alouette, I know you hate me because I'm white.

          • Russell Dee

            1Alouette, you're hatred of white people is evil.

            Hate begets hate. If you hate me then I will perceive your hatred of me by the way you treat me and your hatred of me will cause me to hate you. Hate begets hate.

          • 1Alouette

            I think you must really be trolling beyond words if you want to claim that I hate white people. We're done.

          • Wabagari

            You're the bigger person for not stooping down to their level. These are racist idiots that want to pick an argument because they have nothing better to do with their lives.

          • 1Alouette

            Thank you. Indeed, that is the sense I got from them. xx

          • Daniel

            you don't speak with racists or racist sympathizers? so you never speak or associate with yourself?

          • 1Alouette

            You are so silly. I wish you the best of luck in your life Daniel.

        • Chelle

          If you consider that a mistake you're a bigger fool than she is.

        • Russell Dee

          1Alouette, carries hate in his/her heart. He/she hates white people. Black people like him/her like to complain about white people.

          I don't perceive the tweet as particularly racist. It just sounds stupid. It sounds like she's making a joke about the demographics of AIDS which is certainly insensitive but it's not racist.

          She was probably on a plane at high altitudes for too long.

          • 1Alouette

            I wish you all the luck in the world in you life.

        • Kaou

          To DANIEL , you r worst than her .
          But as her you are a BIG coward

        • Philly Ciz

          Except her entire timeline was full of insensitive, idiotic tweets thus establishing a pattern. In court it would be called motive. You are a professional troll. You use all the key words but have no substance or fact to your arguments. You post and post and post and argue and tell people they are wrong. It's sad. Spew your crap some more.

          • Daniel

            the point is dummy, how does her saying anything hurt you? if it wasn't reported you wouldn't have even heard about it but now you come here to chastise her because it makes you feel like your a big man…wrong, you are a little man with little man syndrome. Nobody cares about you or anything you have to say and you only wish you could be half the person Justine Sacco is.

          • Philly Ciz

            If only that was true. I actually do something in life that benefits people. I use my intelligence and skill set to help others make better lives for their families and themselves. You sit on the internet and spew ignorance and hatred.

          • Daniel

            well then all apologies…you truly are a saint among men, and we should all strive to be more like you. I hope that you never try making a joke and get crucified over the internet by a bunch of shmucks like philly ciz…..errrrr, nevermind.

        • Trish Chasity

          Reread that last sentence and think about what just came in your mind as you wrote that comment. Sounds off base to me because you just don't get it do you???

      • Josh Miles Kaspian

        She's a loss to her nation..

      • johnross808

        Its actually pretty funny. you just cant see it because your black. whaaa whaaa racist!

        • 1Alouette

          I am black (and proud of it), but it's you who can't see much of anything. I wish you the best of luck with your life. Happy Holidays/Seasons Greetings/etc!

          • Russell Dee

            1Alouette, why do you let some stupid thing that one white person says ruin your whole day? Clearly, you are very defensive and sensitive about being black.

            If one black person says some stupid thing about white people I ignore it, but if one white person says some stupid thing about black people you are all upset about it.


            Why do you let one stupid thing said by one white person have such a big impact on your day?

            I think you're too defensive and sensitive about being black. I think it shows that you're kind of ashamed of being black.

          • 1Alouette

            Why did you presume it ruined my day? I shared my thoughts on it because it's important to speak up about issues like this. That's all. I am quite happy to be a black woman actually. And I think you're an idiot to presume who I am and how I feel. Let's make this the end of our dialogue. Good luck to you.

          • Russell Dee

            1Alouette, why is it important to speak out on issues like this?

            Do you like to speak out on issues like this because it gives you the opportunity to talk about how bad white people are?

            Do you want to get along with white people or do you just want to talk bad about white people?

      • lessthantolerant

        I dislike liberals as much as the next human being, but I disagree she carries hate in her heart, she is simply an indoctrinated immature little liberal.

    • Thuban Draconis

      Get over yourself. It was a stupid joke. Do you really think she thinks AIDS is something only Black people get? Of course not. Do you think anyone thinks that? Of course not. Do you think she thought she would get AIDS by merely showing up in South Africa? Of course not, if she did then she wouldn’t have gone in the first place.

      The truth is, your reaction is actually pretty racist because it presumes that White people are automatically racist. Furthermore it presumes that a person who does have a racist thought somewhere in their head is automatically subhuman and should be exiled from the rest of humanity. So, I’m going to give you a quick bit of sensitivity training.

      Imagine that you work for a company and that you are asked to work with someone different than you… Let’s say he is fat and let’s also say that you can be fired from your job for being a “weightist” in any way. Maybe you don’t have a problem with fat people at all so you don’t think this will be a problem. So the fat guy (let’s call him “Fred”) drops a pencil and you bend down to pick it up for him. A nice act on your part, right? No, because Fred sees that as offensive because you are implying that fat people can’t pick up things off of the ground. Then lunch time rolls around and you ask Fred if he wants to go to lunch with you. But that makes him angry because you are assuming fat people like to eat all the time. Of course if you don’t ask him then he is pissed because you are saying he should go on a diet. Quite simply, anything you do or don’t do will piss Fred off and that means you could lose your job, your house, your family, and your whole life. So what do you do? You avoid Fred at all costs. You don’t have casual conversations around him because some random thing you say might upset him and get you fired. The stress this all causes makes you want to avoid all fat people and maybe even start to resent them. Especially if you do get fired or see friends lose their jobs because they accidentally offended some fat guy.

      Well, that is what all of this hypersensitivity does to Black people. And I think it’s time to tell all the overly sensitive wimps out there to man (or woman) up and stop being suck pissy little bitches about every stupid comment people make.

      • Dominique

        No apparently it's something all people except white people get. And she wasn't going to Africa for vacation her job sent her there so yes the racist did go and could have thought she was going to get aids by merely showing up. Most racists are ignorant anyways

      • robin

        All I can say to this is LOL subhuman draconis… Do me a favour and please never write again . I feel like my is dropped after reading that trash

        • 1Alouette

          i read the first line, ID'd the kind of person they are, and thought “nope, it's a wrap.” So glad I didn't waste my brain power on that. xx

      • kitnco

        “The truth is, your reaction is actually pretty racist because it presumes that White people are automatically racist”

        lmao all i will say to that is “bullshit”

        you even completely invalidate that garbage line with the next one:

        “Furthermore it presumes that a person who does have a racist thought somewhere in their head is automatically subhuman and should be exiled from the rest of humanity”

        so basically, your stupid ass wants to defend her from being called racist even though what she did was racist. this is why so many poc don't like white people. you're probably racist, too. gtfo idiot.

        • pearson

          Then we should tie her to a stake and burn her.
          An airhead bimbo makes a stupid and unfunny comment and the self righteous erupt in faux rage, all the while exhibiting the same level of intolerance, stupidity and bigotry as the original bimbo twit.

      • Bernard

        Hypersensitivity? Africa has been ravaged by Aids – There are some theories out there that Aids is actually a man made biological weapon that was designed to wipe out the population of Africa.. designed to kill it's Black inhabitants – in large a population that doesn't have access to condoms or education, or health care. There is a reason why Europe isn't suffering from the Aids epidemic and Africa is .. and the reasons are lack of education, healthcare, and condoms… Africa has be ravaged for centuries by Whites, raped by Europeans, resources stolen, oil, gold, diamonds, and people were stolen from Africa… the people enslaved, killed, tortured for centuries.. empires built on the backs of slaves, empires built with the resources stolen from this Continent.. and you have the audacity to say that Black people are Hypersensitive.. My Friend you are Hyper-stupid! A complete and utter idiot…

        • Jay Eters

          Could not have been said any better…off course the idiot will not respond to your post!

        • Augustino Tito

          Exactly, you have made him/her shut up

        • Russell Dee

          Bernard, I think he has a point.

          Sooner or later we all have to learn to get along or else we will destroy each other. White people are trying harder to get along with black people, but it seems to me that black people are making it harder by being overly-sensitive and even paranoid about racism. They're doing a lot of wolf-crying.

          Now are you going to accuse me of saying something racist against wolf-people somewhere?

        • lessthantolerant

          I have a black friend, math teacher in an inner city school in Philly who believes that and many other various conspiracy theories.
          Over the lsst twenty plus years he and I have argued (for fun) over the following:
          “Aids was designed by the CIA and funded by big oil to depopulate Africa.”
          {Welfare was created to addict blacks and kill their work ethic.”
          “Laws are designed to force blacks into the legal system to break up families and force them into bankruptcy.”
          “Addictive drugs were designed by the CIA to cause addiction and create crime in the black communities to enforced the laws created to hurt blacks and help increase addiction.”
          My favorite he has and to this date swears by is:
          “After the civil war, the democrats conspired to design and enforce laws and programs which would destroy the black race and force them onto a new plantation controlled by the democratic party.”
          He by the way hates liberals and democrats much more violently then I do!
          Sometimes I wonder if he is right?
          He and I have been friends since college days when we played on the same team, I love him like a brother and I love arguing with him about his crazy ideas as he does with me about mine.
          But the difference is he and I talk about everything openly and call each other racists then leave friends.
          Too many people argue but don't hear. Whish is what the left has wanted and has succeeded at killing discourse.
          This balkanization will kill all of us.

      • 1Alouette

        Oh, you're one of those people.

      • kari kii

        Your comment has absolutely no parity with the issue at hand. Using your Fred analogy it like telling Fred ” hi Fred I bought a bugger but wont share with u . U r fat. Just kiddin Fred”. Dont defend racism.

      • Sensibility

        Joke? You consider that a joke. Time to wake up and smell the coffee, because there is a huge difference between a joke and racist stupidity.

      • 100%Black

        You are 10 different ways a fuqqing racist M-O-R-O-N

      • meka

        Clearly, your an idiot! She should not have posted it dummy!! Additionally, most whites are racist!

      • Philly Ciz

        Did you just compare an overweight person dropping a pencil to AIDS and the disrespect of an entire continent? You clowns do whatever you can to downplay racism. Let's make up a scenario involving a fat person. Also Africa is full of people of many different races and nationalities so the fact that she and you continue to heap them together in the black pile shows your blatant idiocy. This is not a point of view issue. While your made up scenario is cute, it doesn't quite equal up what she actually said and did, given her visibility and position. She went to school for Public Relations for christ sake. Also her company lost a good deal of money on the market. Her CEO is a Jewish,democrat from San Francisco… she should have known better

    • notniggerlover

      YEs and what is wrong with that? Majority of black people have aids, get over it nigger.

      • 1Alouette

        I hope one day you can find peace within yourself. The hate you carry must eat you alive.

    • Russell Dee

      I can't tell what to make of her statement. It sounds stupid. I wonder if she had been awake a long time and dealing with some kind of altitude or flight brain malfunction or something. I can't even conclude if her comment is racist or not. It sounds like she's saying that white people in Africans don't get AIDS. If that's what she means is it really racist or just stupid? She's not really saying anything negative about non-whites; she's just saying that non-whites are the people getting AIDS.

    • lessthantolerant

      What you are seeing in her is how bad political correctness is. The liberals and the gay lobby have fought so hard to prevent the knowledge of how aids affect the gay segments of society and how bad aids affects all races that this little girl thinks aids is a black heterosexual disease.
      I don't think she harbors hate against blacks or is racist, just badly informed by her liberal masters and quite immature,
      This is what is wrong when you have the attempted control of reality by delusional liberals.

  • Joshua Joseph Hewitt

    I mean if she wanted to get famous.. .she could have just done a porno…. That kardashian girl did it and it turned out well for her. ooh dear.

  • ZimZam

    Wow. Under this story it says “you may like….'Macho Man’ Randy Savage dies in car accident.”

    I don't like that.

    I don't like that at all.

  • Jim Brown

    She's posting on a new account: @JustineSacco6

  • Daniel

    although it was a joke in poor taste, it was still a joke…lighten up people. I can't wait for the day a white person can tell a joke about a black and have it not be a racist conspiracy. Quite frankly far worse things are said (and done to) about whites by blacks everyday and nothing is done about those incidents.

    • James Kordair

      Haha all niggers smell! Just joshing folks its just a joke, and jokes can't be racist or prove the joke maker racist and misinformed. Why, just take it from Daniel, resident expert on what can and can't be racist.

    • Philly Ciz

      And vice versa. Way to take half the truth and make it fit. They're still dragging blacks and Mexicans from trucks in the South. Most crime is color on color clown because the majority of crimes are committed within neighborhoods which are usually segregated. Who commits crimes in Montana and Iowa? They have prisons and they are filled with whites who commit crimes against whites. The same goes for large black and brown and Asian populations

      • Daniel

        a half truth to make it fit? not only are you the clown but you're also extremely stupid. I am calling for some equality, I am not disputing what she said was distasteful, I am merely pointing out that equally distasteful things are said by blacks everyday and nobody seems to be calling for them to loose their jobs and the other myriad of negative posts you lot seem to have saved for poor Justine.

        • Philly Ciz

          This woman is the PR chief of a billion dollar corporation. Comparing her to an average ignorant person of any race shows your level of comprehension. Justine works in a field where she should know exactly what the repercussions of such comment are, making this situation exponentially more puzzling. People such as yourself would defend Hitler if the holocaust took place today. Poor Caucasian Justine. Well now she is in Africa and hopefully she is learning what it is like to be a minority. You should get out more. See this country for what it is, A heaping pile of segregated crap.full of fear and ignorance based on skin color and socio-economical status.Thank goodness I grew up in the Northeast where we at least get to see each other on a daily basis and have some sense of respect for different races. I spend 150 days a year on these roads, Political correctness is the only thing keeping half of these rednecks from oppressing minorities right now. The thoughts haven't changed. And now there is this false sense of victim hood by poor whites and whites in general as if they still don't account for 70 percent of the population.

          Trust me I don't have an issue with any race. My friends are of all racial backgrounds and nationalities. and not in the 1 black friend way that many whites use. We went to school together. We played together. We are family. We do not see color. Indians. Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Italians, Ghanaians, Palestinians, Israeli etc etc etc… but everyone is not that fortunate. As long as we look at each other with fear and ignorance based on stereotypes and hate, people like Justine will be born and raised in homogenous homes and taught to disrespect people and places based on skin color and people like you will be the oppressors claiming to be oppressed.

    • robin

      Mate don't be an idiot and try and turn it into a black vs white slanging match… Cz you forget what whites have done to Mexicans or native Americans… And the list goes on.. do yourself a favour and in future keep your stupid comments to yourself

      • Daniel

        The old saying is true, a black mind is a terrible thing to waste – this is a black and white thing you idiot.

    • NYC_Disaster

      When was the last time you had reported an incident like at work? How come you cannot live life without Blacks the N-Word? Why cannot just tell a joke a particular people without bringing race into it? I know, you're White and it is ingrained in you. Did I just say something racist?

  • Sick of corruption

    There's no pill for stupid.

  • Shannon Cunningham

    LOLcats-style images? Are you new to the internet? That's called a meme.

  • Kieran

    Am I the only one who found it amusing? Some people need need to lighten up. I doubt the woman is racist, it was just a tongue-in-cheek bad-taste joke.

    • NYC_Disaster

      She works in PR. Do you really want someone who would embarrass your company to work for you?

  • Twiddlepops

    Unbelievably crass. This woman is in PR?

  • John Smith

    I notice how no-one's outraged about the Catholic Church actually killing millions of Africans through its disgusting ‘no condoms’ policy

    Yeah, thats right….campaign about a tweet while ignoring actual genocide you hypocritical cowards

    • Rancid Sorbet

      Yeah, except they rescinded that policy under the last pope, saying the need to save lives from AIDS in Africa takes precedence over the mandate against birth control. Try to keep up, will ya?

      • John Smith

        One problem with your claim……its completely untrue.

    • David

      John Smith is actually correct. We had two decades of peculiar Catholic policy until there was a shift in 2010.

  • lessthantolerant

    Liberalism is a mental disorder as is evidenced by their actions. Too bad they are allowed to breathe.

    • blackgod

      Liberalism is what allows you to post your garbage.

      • NYC_Disaster

        He doesn't care. As long he gets to keep his guns, all is White in the world.

      • lessthantolerant

        No idiot, the first amendment to the constitution does, get a clue.

        Liberals suck and are in favor of censorship.

        • blackgod

          No miscreant, that does not give you that right, please get a better understanding of the subject before stepping to me.

          • lessthantolerant

            Silly uninformed liberals

          • blackgod

            Mindless faux news zombies

          • lessthantolerant

            LOL! I am always amused by liberals.

          • blackgod


          • lessthantolerant

            See you found a use for liberals also.

          • blackgod

            Naw, i dont focus on titles, just actions and attitudes

          • lessthantolerant

            Do you find this silly immature liberal Justine Sacco to be one of your liberal creations that is a sad affirmation of the dangers of political correctness?

          • blackgod

            No, i find her thinking to be a culmination of biased reporting and selective learning for example she knows about africas aids and poverty issues but probably hasnt a clue that life started in africa and before any history there was africa, she could have easily said im going to the place where life started, no kidding, even though im white

          • lessthantolerant

            LOL! I see you have actually bought into the revisionist history of the left.

          • blackgod

            Naw what i do is research an issue as thoroughly as possible, all sides, then i draw my conclusions, you cant believe a hannity or limbaygh or a sharpton or schultz on words alone research an issue and draw your own opinion, you might be surprised what you find out

          • lessthantolerant

            See, now you and I agree. I do the same. None of the characters you mentioned sway my opinion. All are self promoting pimps. but they are at times good entertainment.

            I wish we could have more open discussions with our emotions kept to a minimum.

            But human beings are imperfect.

            Have a Merry Christmas and safe New Years.

          • blackgod

            Thank you and you as well

          • FartAtTheMoon

            “Liberalism is the belief in freedom and equal rights generally associated with such thinkers as John Locke and Montesquieu. Liberalism as a political movement spans the better part of the last four centuries, though the use of the word liberalism to refer to a specific political doctrine did not occur until the 19th century. Perhaps the first modern state founded on liberal principles, with no hereditary aristocracy, was the United States of America, whose Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among these life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” echoing John Locke's phrase “life, liberty, and property”. A few years later, the French Revolution overthrew the hereditary aristocracy, with the slogan “liberty, equality, fraternity”, and was the first state in history to grant universal male suffrage.The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, first codified in 1789 in France, is a foundational document of both liberalism and human rights.

            The intellectual progress of the Enlightenment, which questioned old traditions about societies and governments, eventually coalesced into powerful revolutionary movements that toppled arcient regimes all over the world, especially in Europe, Latin America, and North America. Liberalism fully exploded as a comprehensive movement against the old order during the French Revolution, which set the pace for the future development of human history.

            Classical liberals, who broadly emphasized the importance of free markets and civil liberties, dominated liberal history in the 19th century. The onset of the First World War and the Great Depression, however, accelerated the trends begun in late 19th century Europe toward social liberalism that emphasized a greater role for the state in ameliorating devastating social conditions. By the beginning of the 21st century, liberal democracies and their fundamental characteristics—support for constitutions, free and fair elections and pluralistic society—had prevailed in most regions around the world.”
            - wikipedia'd

          • lessthantolerant

            Silly liberal, you are describing classical liberalism. That actually does not exist in America today, what you have is a hybrid of socialism and communism packaged as liberalism.

            Liberalism today is a dirty word managed by sick individuals.

    • FartAtTheMoon

      Liberalism is what the USA was founded upon. Our forefathers were liberal! Get a fucking clue, jackass.

      • lessthantolerant

        My goodness are you ignorant. Liberals today do not fit the classical liberal title of that time. So before I actually have to laugh at you, I'll just say pull your head out of your ass and get a clue.

        • FartAtTheMoon

          My goodness you are ignorant. your idea of what a modern liberal stands for has been shaped by the crap Limbaugh and Fox News have spewed for 15 years. They have demonized “liberal” as a word or valid political ideology, and you took the bait hook, line and sinker.

          • lessthantolerant

            Sorry, I am not a follower of Limbaugh, though I do find him entertaining at times, nor am I one who only watches Fox. I often watch CNN and even MSNBC. I will say I find MSNBC the most amusing, the idiots Maddow and Schultz are truly the funniest. I find Sharpton too disgusting to watch, I dislike race pimps. And Piers is just too stupid and arrogant.

            Keep dreaming silly liberal.

    • Hi_Fool

      I guess you didn't believe me. I'm just about ready to take my gift back. Ready? I'll wager you're not. ;^)

  • Cha

    Aids is a world wide issue!! she's racist as are many other people but they don't flaunt it as she did stupidity got the better of her. It's a shame we are surrounded by so many small minded ignorant people

    • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora

      No It Isn't. Read The Facts. It's A Sub Saharan Issue

  • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora

    Um. Straight White Folks That Aren't MainLining Dope Don't Get AIDS….

    • Sara

      Oh of course. I guess all those straight whites that die of AIDS every year just don't matter. Do some research, you're not as safe as you think. I'm white and so was my cousin…who died of AIDS. Got it from his high school girlfriend (also white). The fact people (like you and Justine) believe this shit is the reason that HIV/AIDS is a WORLDWIDE epidemic. Do me a favor and get tested idiot.

      • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora


        Your Anecdote Doesn't Change The Facts. It Is Not A White Problem.

        It Is Really Not Even A Black Problem. It Is Essentially An African Phenomenon, localized Mostly In The Sub Sahara

    • blackgod

      Tell that to eastrrn europeans that are now catching it at a faster rate than africa, stay losing

      • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora

        Hyperlink Proving Your Point Please Otherwise I'll just Disregard It

  • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora


  • maria

    Well said Justine, I would be afraid of going to Africa for the same reason!!

    • corona10

      You must be unclear on how its transmitted or something. Because just going there is never going to give you AIDS, thats really ignorant to think such a thing.

    • serdude1968

      So, Maria, were you expecting to have a lot of sex with strangers if you ever go to Africa?

      • sener_x

        So you believe you can contract HIV only by having sex? Now that's ignorant!

    • 1Alouette

      Do you often have sex unprotected with strangers? That's how people are getting HIV/AIDS and plenty of other STD's these days. They're lucky if pregnancy is all that comes from it.

  • Jarad Chirichella

    Why do people care about this little event? Wake up there are bigger things to worry about, she doesn't want aids( neither do I) and she's white (me too) not much racism and even if she was being racist let her it's her own issue

    • robin

      Half of you idiots on here need to wake up.. for you to think this is acceptable means your just as sick as she is… Using your ignorance as an excuse… But its okay cz hey your white!!… Idiots

    • 1Alouette

      1. She works in PR. It's kind of her job to not be an ignorant shit and know that comments like that, while en-route to said country, are unacceptable. 2. Her values don't just exist in a vacuum. She's spewing the kind of ignorance that a lot of people take on or believe to be true. These stereotypes actually impact people of colour everyday. So that's why people are offended. It's not funny and it's not something to brush away. Keep sweeping supposedly little things under the rug and it becomes a problem that keeps getting bigger until it can't fit under there anymore.

  • Fuchsinrot xyz

    joke or not, this is how white people in general feel towards black people.

    • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora

      We Don't “Feel” Like Africa Is A ShitHole. It Is Demonstrably So. Particularly The Sub Sahara

  • Polaris

    I don't care anymore if someone is offended or if someone is labeled a racist. Just don't care.

    • https://twitter.com/Hodge_Cameron Cameron Hodge

      Me either! High five for white guys!

  • Josh Miles Kaspian

    So few people know something about Africa

    • Polaris

      They don't call it “down under” for nothing!

      • Ruby T

        It's AUSTRALIA that's the land “down under”, smarty.

        • Polaris

          LOL! You just got trolled like a champ “smarty”.

  • Rachel Powell

    Thanks to the Internet… for providing a global platform for thoughtlessness and hate speech.

  • Mr777

    She should be JAILED for her bullshit-related tweet …

    Assuming all that is Aids-related is black is outright-RACISM…

    Clearly she had no idea who Nelson Mandela was and what he accomplished !

    Fire her… Fine her… ARREST her !

    Ensure she NEVER ever sets foots in South Africa again ! WE DO NOT NEED RACISTS HERE !

    • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora

      I Hope You're Trolling Because I'm Lolz Ing

    • s_pierre_chucker


  • BuzzKillington

    I'm convinced there are many people whose purpose in life is to be outraged at every silly thing they see on the internet. Ignoring ignorance has become a fairytale of the past.

  • Jack Crowe

    Sacco? Isn't she a guinea? Technically speaking, Italians are NOT “white”, so her commenting about aids and Africans shouldn't be used as “racist”.

    • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora

      Um. Yeah. because In Your mind Italians Don't cluster In Genetic Study Because You've Seen True Romance. Well Watching True Romance Doesn't Make You Qualified To determine who Is And Isn't White.

      • Jack Crowe

        Whoa, relax there Daniel. I was not aware my “mind” was visible to you here. As for “true romance”, I do not know what it is about nor am I basing my facts on it. Again, relax. And no, Italians are not white. Your group does have African DNA, and this is undisputed by scientists. You don't want to associate with Africans, fine!

        • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora

          Yeah. The Percentage And Frequency Distribution In The Italian Population Is The Issue And Whether Or Not Italians Themselves Find It Negligible (And They Do And It Is). Just Because There Were A Few Court Cases Where Backwoods Anglo JudgesWeren't Sure Whether Or Not Italians Were White Doesn't Mean they Aren't.

          I'm A Germanic Italian Bud. Can You See My DNAfrom There? No African Ancestry.

          • Jack Crowe

            You clearly have identity issues, and either are some kid who hates himself or a very immature adult. No need to supplement the German DNA to your profile to justify whatever the hell is you were attempting to prove. If anything, Germans like myself tend to keep out of the “I am whiter than you” bs as it is childish. Get some rest.

          • http://tomorrowinvinland.blogspot.com Daniel J Antinora

            Yerp. As I Suspected. I Had You At Three To One As A Rabid nordicist Rather Than An Anti-Racist. Hilarious You Are playingThe Very Game You Claim You Aren't.

            Fuck Off. who died And Made You Madison Grant?

            Have You Really Never Heard Of The Lombards? Perhaps You'v Never Been North Of Tuscany.

  • eddie

    Gimme a break. People need to start saying “Yeah, I made a joke. If you can’t take it, ++*k off. I’m not apologizing for anything”. Everywhere, jokes are made; South Park destroys everyone, comedians stand in front of millions of people with race and religion jokes. If I was her, I’d say “I felt like crackin’ a joke. I really couldn’t care less if you like it or not”. Her father is in tears? Please…why because da poor bwack people are offended? But they can say anything as racist as they want. F+*k off.

  • Maggie

    THANK GOD They Fired her Now she can figure out how to get a Job instead Of focusing in The african Aids epidemic! What lousy ugly soulless ginger whore!

  • priscilla

    I find the AIDS remark more offensive than the “white” remark.

  • moleshire

    Once again children. Free speech can have consequences.

  • toya

    Dont take up for tjisvwhite racist bitch.. Its the white ppl that started aids fucking lambs n shit

  • Barry Soetoro

    While it was a very tasteless joke on her part is it really a fireable offense when she wasn't working or on company time? If Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, or Lisa Lampanelli had made that joke would they be banned from comedy clubs? I think not.

  • kenny

    Out of da abundance of the heart,da mouth speakth. l will surely catch u bitch

  • Richard D. Roberts

    She should have just typed “I quit”

    This entire story has just left me feeling really good about myself. It's so mind boggling some of the stuff this woman has said and borderline hilarious that someone in her line of work could write such insane things. The best part is that FOREVER more, when ANYONE googles her name, a boyfriend, a potential employer, a fellow co worker, this story and screen captures of her tweets, will pop up for eternity. She literally has to change her name or will never be able to get a job. EVER. Funny.

  • Mr. Jon

    I'm not saying she should kill herself, but if she does I wouldn't mind…

  • John Smith

    Your link is propaganda for the Catholic Church's genocidal AIDS policy in Africa you fool

  • Geoff Smith

    There is a saying in PR, there is no such thing as bad press.

    I want to hire Justine. If she can get instant world wide attention, good or bad, I want her working for me.

    I do not agree with what she said, but as they say, there is no such thing as bad press.

    How do I hire Justine?

    • Anwar

      She's done dude

      • Anwar

        She should no longer be welcome in this continent with that insensitive ignorant nonsense

  • Dante Poe

    well she could get raped… even while being white. ;)

  • SmartAssBlackMale

    I have no sympathy for her, she paved her own way just like a dumb hoe who can't keep her mouth shut.

  • Rush

    At the end of the day to all those who believes in the truth(the bible) we are all one (at least we should act like it). Her statement was just plain ignorant. Anyone can catch AIDS it's just that Africans(Americans) have a gene with receptors that receives the virus more than other races(have you seen the AIDS virus and it's receptors)…Africans being highly sexual doses not mean that is the reason why they catch the virus, because there are many men in different races with a high sex drive and do and do not get the virus. Wake up people. Facts not fictional opinions. So when there is 1 in every 22 Africans that will have virus there's about 1 on 172 whites and so on and so on…at the end of the day test up to six months after any sex partner(including oral sex) , use protection or better yet wait for sex…as long as you live and you can move you'll always have sex even to a point where you don't want it at all…