‘Low Winter Sun’ Star James Ransone: ‘It Wasn't a Good Show’

'Low Winter Sun' Star James Ransone: 'It Wasn't a Good Show'

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Actor says he'd be shocked if the crime drama is renewed

Add cast member James Ransone to the list of TV watchers who were underwhelmed by AMC's crime drama “Low Winter Sun.”

“It wasn't a good show,” Ransone told TheWrap. “I had higher expectations going in. They can't all be winners.”

Ransone is best known for his work as “Ziggy” Sobotka, the hard-partying son of a union leader on HBO's “The Wire,” so he has a few winners on his resume. He's currently appearing off-Broadway in “Small Engine Repair,” the New York Premiere of John Pollono's comic thriller.

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On “Low Winter Sun,” Ransone played a member of a Detroit organized crime family who (spoiler alert) was killed off in the show's final episode. That could be a positive plot development, because as the actor noted, the show suffered a steep ratings decline over its season. “Low Winter Sun” debuted to 2.5 million viewers in August,  but later episodes fell below the 1 million mark.

“If it doesn't get canceled, I'll be goddamn shocked,” Ransone said. “The ratings were terrible.”

AMC has not made any announcement about whether or not the series will be renewed.  Reviews for “Low Winter Sun,” which followed a crooked cop in the Motor City, were mixed. TheWrap's Diane Garrett complained that the series “lacks the lean snap of classic noir.”

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Ransone sounds much more enthused about “Small Engine Repair,” which finds him appearing opposite “Pretty Little Liars” actor Keegan Allen and “Lone Ranger” star James Badge Dale in the story of a group of high-school friends who reunite at a repair shop for an evening of booze and psychological games. (Badge Dale, it so happens, starred in AMC's fast-cancelled “Rubicon.”)

“It's really good,” Ransone said of the play. “It's funny and the twists are intense, man. The last time I was making something that was as cool was [the HBO mini-series] ‘Generation Kill.’ Everything feels like it's firing just right.”

“Small Engine Repair” officially opens at the Lucille Lortel Theatre on November 20, 2013.

  • telast

    If it's AMC it's garbage.

    • realtalk

      Yeah cause Walking Dead, Madmen and Breaking Bad were all garbage.

      • telast

        Yes, now you understand. Overhyped crap is still crap. An A for realtalk.

        • Justin Gray

          You have not watched Breaking Bad have you?

          Go to Netflix watch the Pilot and come back and see me.

        • Discover

          He was being sarcastic – and you, a moron.

      • Samson

        sarcasm aside, only 2 of those shows are actually great, 1 is terribly written, poor with character development and is only popular because it involves zombies

    • blaine_the_pain

      dude, you are so cool having an opinion that's different from everyone else.

      • Skeptical believer

        I know right? telast is soo daMn cool,he like,hates universally loved shows

  • chelton

    I thought it was a very good show, good performances by the leads,hope there are some Emmy nods

  • LAE

    I actually enjoyed the show quite a bit, though I doubt it comes back because of the ratings. He was the only main cast member who didn't really do press for the show, so it seems like he was down on it from the get go. In other words, I don't believe he is piling on now – he just didn't enjoy it. Fair enough. Other cast members seem to genuinely have dug it. Differences make the world go round.

  • Andrew

    Ransone's one to talk. His portrayal of a “gangster” was the weakest link on that show. If it goes down, James Ransone sure did his part to bury it.

    • FSuarez

      YES. What a useless character. And absurd that he'd be some kind of king pin. Saw his death coming from a mile away.

  • naomi

    I like his honesty. Finally someone who will tell it like it is.

  • thunderdeed

    Can anybody tell me why this show was called “Low Winter Sun” ? If it took place in Alaska I would understand.

  • Samson

    In this shows defense the 2nd last episode was pretty great