Michael Wolff Slams Ronan Farrow On CNN: He's ‘Never Had A Paying Job’

The Vanity Fair contributing editor questioned the authenticity of Dylan Farrow's letter accusing Woody Allen of sexual abuse

Vanity Fair editor Michael Wolff faced off against a panel of skeptical pundits and claimed Mia Farrow “quite possibly” had coached Dylan Farrow into writing the letter accusing Woody Allen of sexual abuse on a particularly heated episode of AC 360 Later on Monday night.

Wolff also took a shot a Ronan Farrow saying “he had never had a paying job” prior to the October 2013 Vanity Fair article that featured the family speaking out about the scandal.

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Legal expert Sunny Hostin explained to Anderson Cooper that no charges against Allen were filed because the prosecutor wanted to spare the child the trauma despite evidence of probable cause.

“Absolutely untrue!” interjected Wolff. ”You just have to read virtually everything about this, there was no finding of probable cause. Quite the opposite!”

“That's what the prosecutor said,” Hostin countered.

“You just haven't done your reading!” Wolff sniped at Hostin.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow was curious about Wolff's theory. “What is her motivation now?” he asked.

“It's very interesting,” Wolff replied. “That's all we know, it's a media storm!”

Check out the video above.

  • vastlyamused

    Clearly, Mr. Wolfe is ignorant of the facts, as well as a Woody Allen fan.

    • YT

      Here's a fact for you: Mia's brother was sentenced to 25 years in jail for molesting multiple kids. And Mia has not condemned him once.

      • ennwhycee

        Read on….they were estranged. Was she supposed to announce that as well?

        • Eisenhower303

          So was Woody and Soon Yi until they started dating. But that doesn't stop anyone from claiming that Woody “raised her”

          • ennwhycee

            Hmmm. I guess taking spread-eagled pornographic photos of an 18 year old that he'd known since she was 10 was “dating”.

  • POV4

    What does Ronan's employment history have to do with Dylan's childhood traumas? Since when does Wolff screaming “lies” make him more credible than someone who lived in the home at the time?

    • jana

      Non-sequiters and straw men are all that asskissers like Wolff can invoke to defend Woody Allen. Hack.

      • benravensfan02

        Wolff works for a magazine that had to do away with 90% of an article on Gwenyth Paltrow because that part of the of the article was all lies. They falsely claimed that she was cheating on her husband, so she sent her lawyers after them, resulting in a severely edited down article being published. Now, does Wolff want to talk about liars?

    • JOEY89

      Woody Allen took a lie detector and passed. Mia Farrow refused to take one. What did Mia have to fear if she is indeed telling the truth?

      • coppersmom

        Why would Mia Farrow have any concern about being found untruthful in the article. I know you think women can't think, but the article wasn't written by Mia Farrow. It was written by her adult daughter,

      • kizzy

        well maybe she considers the lie detector test unreliable considering that Allen passed it and she believes her daughter!

    • Iris

      Fame and fortune await those invoke their wealthy family name to get on page one of the news.

    • LaRay

      The fact that Ronan's never had a paying job means he depends on his mother for funds. Make Mom happy, all is well. If any of you were of age when this scandal emerged, one of the first things to come out was Mia farrow's uncontrollable temper, even against her kids. Her being a wronged woman doesn't make her a saint, nor does it put her in the right when it comes to every issue. It's quite possible Mia F. planted these memories of abuse in her daughter's mind. Mia F. has always been high-strung, since the 1960s with Frank Sinatra.

      • ennwhycee

        He has had a paying job for years. Read, please! This Wolff guy is a known sleaze and liar. Google Ronan Farrow. He has a law degree and has had a paying job for quite a while.

    • paul

      Don't you find it strange that all this comes up, at the same time Ronan's show was announced ? Mr. Wolff tries to suggest that, “Vanity Fair isn't going to write about Ronan, without some dirt. They know that molestation charges were considered against Woody, but that's not enough.” I believe that Dylan was traumatize, but not by Woody. But by Mia and who ever coached her into believing that she was molested. That is a sleazy way to get custody and child support. The experts said “Dylan wasn't molested”, but no one will ever forget that it was suggested. How fair is that ? Woody is forever guilty, only because he was accused.
      Mia wants to help launch Ronan's career, so suggesting that Woody isn't Ronan's father makes sense to her. Isn't that strange to you ?
      If you don't see Mia behind all this, you never will. She collected children, 11 of them. She is the octomom's role model. All her children suffered, because mom kept bringing home more kids. Was being molested a way for Dylan to finally get attention. When her brother is about to go on TV, dose her insecurity make her bring up the molestation again ? The pain of being ignored surfaces, because her brother is getting all the attention .
      Has Mia been telling Ronan that Woody isn't his Dad story all his life ? So he will hate Woody, the molester / step dad. I bet she has. A simple DNA test is all it takes to prove who his father is. But no one wants to take one. Gee I wonder why ?

  • Louis

    What a nightmare. Mia Farrow is a piece of shit, and these people on the panel are clueless (besides Mr. Wolfe).

    • jana

      Stay classy, abuse apologist. The Yale -New Haven team used notes from a psych team that was on Allen's payroll.

      • JG

        No they didn't. They interviewed Dylan multiple times and each time she gave a different story and made offhand remarks that suggested she had been coached by Mia.

        • Jillian

          She made remarks such as……….? Dear lord why do people who do not even know this man, and his personal reputation that goes back more than 40 yrs in the entertainment industry in NYC matter to any of you? Who are you really defending?

        • ennwhycee

          The Yale-New Haven panel NEVER interviewed her. NEVER. The judge that awarded Mia custody said the report from Yale was very suspect because she hadn't been interviewed. Someone (a doctor) just signed off on it and then recanted later.

      • Eisenhower303

        A psych team that was on Allen's payroll? You mean they rightly consulted Woody's personal therapist? No duh…

  • jana

    “Mia Farrow “quite possibly” had coached Dylan Farrow into writing the letter accusing Woody Allen of sexual abuse on a particularly heated episode of AC 360 Later on Monday night.”

    Oh yes Wolff, because they called your sorry ass up and told you. You have direct access to this family. They trust you because you are so credible and a real journalist, and all.

    Shove it, celebrity ass sucker.

    • wesley

      I wouldn't put it past Mia. Moses Farrow is now estranged from Mia after saying she brainwashed him and the other kids.

      • ennwhycee

        He is also estranged from his wife and children.

        • Jillian

          If that is true I am not surprised, some of his comments are surprisingly childish.

          • joeJoeJonesJones

            Dylan's response to his comments were to say he's a liar, that his mother never beat him, and that he's dead to her. So isn't she denying him exactly the same courtesy that she expects from others? To take him at his word?

        • joeJoeJonesJones

          A. Estranged from his children or merely separated/divorced from his wife?
          B. And why is it even relevant?

          • ennwhycee

            Estranged from his wife and children and also his brothers and sisters. Sometimes it is a sign of disfunction or other problems.

          • joeJoeJonesJones

            True. Probably the result of living in a home with a mother who goes into rages and hits you.

            That said, how do you know he's estranged from his wife and kids?

          • ennwhycee

            I've read it in several different articles and it was mentioned in an interview with someone the other day. But believe what want, you will anyway. Out of 14 children – give or take – he is the only one that turned on her? Rages? Please. I think you have Mommy issues.

          • joeJoeJonesJones

            Really? A personal attack? Interesting.

            The reason I asked for a citation is precisely because I have no desire to “believe what I want”—I'd actually like to hear what the evidence is before I believe (or disbelieve) anything.

            The evidence for my comment about rage comes from two places. Moses's statement in People that his household was very volatile and his mother hit him, and a Los Angeles Times article from the 90's, in which a nanny said that she had seen his mother slap him across the face for not being able to find the dog leash. That sounds like rage to me.

            It's further bolstered by his mother's later behavior when she gave Allen a carefully constructed Valentine card that was creepy at best and psychotic at worst. The kind of card you'd expect to see in a horror movie created by someone who is unhinged.

            I won't ask if you have daddy issues. It's not really my business, and I'm not desperate enough to resort to such tactics.

            My only desire is to know the truth, based on the best evidence.

          • Truth4U

            1 in 4 females are sexually abused. This is the reality. There were if you remember naked photos of an underage daughter. Woody Allen's actions are criminal. He should be in jail. Predators like him do not limit their abuse to one victim. This is the science. Most people are not strong enough to face the truth. It is easier to blame the mother or say it didn't happen. We know it happened with one daughter whom he ” married “. Was marriage her choice?
            We will never know as a he did not get the chance to escape her abuser.
            Face the truth. No woman or girl comes out to be attacked by everyone public and private because she was coached by her mother. Men have raped and abused girls and women forever. It is not a secret. It is a problem our society is trying to deal with in the military, in schools, in families. The issue of sexual violence against children and women is real. One has to wonder why these people so opposed to truth are taking such a stand against these victims. Rape of men in jail is widespread, destroys men and is completely taboo to talk about. These men denying the truth of human behavior in our culture hurt everyone. Perhaps if they are jailed and have experience as a victim they can understand that yes rape and sexual abuse are widespread. We need to support those who have suffered and help them as her brother Ronan did by naming the truth. We need to support Dylan. I support her and cheer her for her courage, strength, and bravery to help expose this problem. She inspires others and gives strength to the many silenced. Maybe also to her sister who was abducted by Woody Allen.
            As for the has been old man who says Ronan Farrow hasn't worked a day in his life. I have read Ronan Farrow's writing. It is excellent work. I believe he has quite a distinguished background that the old man complaining cannot touch. Jealousy, vanity, defensiveness and wanting to be in the spotlight himself- get out old man- you are done, this is not your time, your place, and you are over. That's Life.

          • joeJoejoeJoe

            You see, you undermine your point when you say “There were if you remember naked photos of an underage daughter.” Because there were never any such photos. The photographs in question where of a twenty or twenty-one year old girl, who, by my estimation, is old enough and smart enough to make decisions on her own.

            While possibly in poor judgment, Woody Allen's actions in taking those photos were NOT criminal, and the accusation of child abuse were never pursued in the criminal courts.

            To say a man should be in jail because YOU think he should be, goes against everything this society and its legal system stands for.

            As for coaching, I have no idea what Mia Farrow did or didn't do. But again, you're wrong in the “facts.” There are documented cases of coaching throughout history.

            You will believe what you want to believe, no matter what I say, because it apparently gives you some sense of satisfaction to feel that way.

            But facts matter. And when you get so many of them wrong, there's no real point in listening to what you have to say.

  • daisynj

    Michael Wolff is a vile and disgusting piece of trash who's an insult to real journalist. Ronan Farrow was Richard Holbrooke's youngest salaried employee at 16 after college. He worked as senior policy adviser at State Department for three yrs. Fed employee salary figure can be easily googled.

    • ennwhycee

      Correct. I think he graduated college at 15. A Rhodes scholar, he also does a lot of traveling to 3rd World countries aiding refugees. Michael Wolff is a rude and ignorant man.

      • Eisenhower303

        The only reason someone would go to college at 11 is if they have an extremely obsessive and narcissistic mother. Which he does.

        • ennwhycee

          I assume you not only know Ms. Farrow

        • ennwhycee

          I assume you not only know Ms. Farrow and her son, but you also have a psych degree. If not, you have no right to judge a mother doing the best for her child's education. Should she have held him back to keep him within her grasp? Wouldn't that be obsessive and narcissistic?

  • lila

    I went through a similar experience as Mia and Dylan Farrow. My
    ex-husband also said that I coached my daughter. Just like most
    abusers, it was the only thing he could say. Unless you are unfortunate
    enough to experience the pain and heartache of sexual abuse you don't
    understand. Before you judge or claim to understand learn! Barry Goldstien wrote an article discussing the truth about what happens to the victims of
    sexual abuse in the court system. The truth has nothing to do with an employment history. In fact, it seems that the greatest liars of the groups are the wealthy men who feel that they can abuse women and children and get away with it.

  • Eisenhower303

    So much misinformation. Soon Yi Previn was not Woody Allen's adopted daughter (which you would know if you looked at her last name). She was not raised by Woody Allen. She didn't live with Woody Allen. Woody Allen and Mia were never married and did not live together.

    • Joy Banger


      • Jozie1958

        Joy, are you really that ignorant!?!

    • Glory

      She was still the daughter of his longtime partner and the sister of his children.

  • Glory

    Wolff is an idiot. The judge and the prosecutor weren't convinced of the assessment of Dylan and it's well within their power to question it and potentially over-rule or redo the evaluation entirely. The judge even suspected the psychiatrist were swayed by Woody Allen and openly said that, confronted it directly in court with Woody.

    The catty remark about Ronan not having had a paying job too is just laughable to me. This is a kid who graduated college at 16, worked with Hilary Clinton, he's a Rhodes Scholar…and he just turned 26. He's got something going for him CLEARLY.

    • ennwhycee

      Not to mention his law degree. Lazy bum.

  • GetReal

    Doesn't anybody care about the truth? Ronan's job history and Mia's bitterness do not make Dylan a liar.

  • coppersmom

    Michael Wolfe…..never heard of him. It is, however, terminally misogynistic to accuse Dylan Farrow of not being able to write her own account of daddy dearest and diddling. I believe Dylan Farrow.

  • Kim

    What would be Mia's motivation now? Ronan has a new TV show debuting soon on MSNBC, and you know the old Hollywood saying “all publicity is good publicity”.

  • a father

    the dumb ass defending Allen looks like a child molester him self. I guess they would defend their own kind. Sick ass muth*******s or should I say child f*****s.

  • MikeStewart

    Just one jew defending another.