Dailies | Nicki Minaj Delays ‘Anaconda’ Release, Posts Racy New Bikini Pic (Photo)

The single will now drop in August instead of on Monday

After getting her fans worked up with a provocative pose for the cover of her upcoming single “Anaconda,” Nicki Minaj now says the song’s release is being delayed.

Minaj shared a racy new photo of herself Sunday on Instagram along with the bad news. “My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday 8/4. I promise you will understand why before the week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu,” she wrote in the caption to the photo that showed her wearing a pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink sports bra, matching bikini bottoms and blue sneakers.

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In what may have been a suggestion that we all hit the gym, Minaj stood on a pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink yoga mat that was placed next to a pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink exercise ball and pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink hand weights.

On Thursday, the hip-hop star bared her backside in another racy picture announcing “Anaconda” was about to drop.

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The previous photo of the “pink/”>pink/”>Pink Friday” rapper — showed her in the same pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink sports bra, a pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink/”>pink G-string, and sneakers — leaving very little to the imagination. At the time, Minaj said the single would be available on July 28.

“Anaconda,” which is on Minaj’s upcoming album “The pink/”>pink/”>Pink Print,” will now be available on iTunes on Monday, Aug. 4.

Below is Minaj’s earlier NSFW “Anaconda” pose: