NYC ‘Deeply Troubled’ by ‘Walking Dead’ Prank (Video)

NYC 'Deeply Troubled' by 'Walking Dead' Prank (Video)

City's MTA has issues with zombie trick

New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority says it is “deeply troubled” by a prank in which AMC's “The Walking Dead” had people dressed as zombies hide beneath a grate and scare pedestrians.

“We are deeply troubled by this video,” an MTA spokesman told the New York Post. “We have forwarded it to the NYPD and are also conducting our own investigation.”

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AMC circulated video of the stunt last week. We don't want to say we told you so, but TheWrap pointed out on Friday that this was a dumb idea because it's slippery out there and zombies scare people.

There was no comment from the MTA on the dead-eyed zombies who staff many of their subway booths, making unintelligible noises when you ask why the E train isn't running again.

Watch video of the prank:

  • Callie Reisch

    I'm sorry, but I think that was great! I do hope no one was INJURED,tho'….have to say, most of the”prankees” were laughing their “fao”!!
    I REALLY do, sincerely hope no one was injured, given all the “ice” on the sidewalks! (Isn't that supposed to be CLEARED????)

  • Scott

    This was fantastic! !! I get the concern over the ice & yes amc I hope made sure conditions were safe. Love the originality & imagination. Shame on those NYers they should know zombie's can't climb out of holes that deep. Zombie 101 !

  • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

    That was awesome!!!!

  • Bonicushead

    No one has the right to try to take a recording device and delete any of it's material. I'd like to know why there's no explanation in the lead in as to why you used the camera to seek out, by twice acquiring one of the women at a distance, then moving purposely around several people to situate yourself so close to the attackers that one woman scolded one of the children for bumping into you…after taking less than a step back. Three times you were actually within their circle, as you had to turn almost completely around to view all the members of the group.
    You have the right to record. I just want to know why you needed to record, or wanted to, and why that meant you had to be corked up their ass? Couldn't you have filmed them from farther back? I'm not talking about your right to film that close, only your intentions of doing so. If you haven't been diagnosed with any mental defect, then you know holding a camera phone inches from a non-celebrities face is meant to provoke. Hell, look at all the celebrities that live with cameras, make their living in front of cameras, that attack when cameras are shoved in their face and won't back off. You had to know that no matter your right, human nature is not okay with a stranger violating someone's personal space so closely that they're making contact with their children, and just sitting there, again…inches from their faces, and just staring at them and recording…no explanation, not asking questions, never recording anyone else…just camped out and recording. Um…what did you think would happen…and what do you think would happen if it was reversed? What would you do if they stood touching your child, recording you right in your face, just staring creepily at you?
    There's all kind of rights. You have the 1st amendment right to say the n word…go and shout it in Harlem.

    • Judith Memblatt

      Your response is totally disingenuous. The right to take videos in public places is a constitutionally protected freedom. It requires no explanation. Assault and attempted larcency are crimes. They are not justified by displeasure at a lawful act.

      By the way, I had to move around alot because the platform was crowded. And that maniac did not scold the child for bumping into me; he bumped into someone else. You just felt the need to make up that part of your comment because you are dishonest.