‘Nymphomaniac’ Will Screen Uncut Version at Berlin Film Festival

'Nymphomaniac' Will Screen Uncut Version at Berlin Film Festival

Lars von Trier's sex drama stars Shia LaBeouf and Jamie Bell

The Berlin Film Festival will debut the uncut version of the first installment in Lar von Trier's “Nymphomaniac.”

The grunting and grimacing epic stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman and Shia Labeouf, and is hotly anticipated both because of von Trier's controversial status and because its scenes of coitus are expected to be envelop-pushing.

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The film unfolds with a sex addict (Gainsbourg) recounts her between the sheets past to a charming bachelor who finds her beaten up in an alley. The film will screen out of competition.

“The aesthetic [von Trier] has created in ‘Nymphomaniac' is impressive and radical,” Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick said in a statement.

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The original of “Nymphomaniac” was over five hours long, but has been whittled down in length and will be released in the United States in two parts. A shorter version will open in theaters beginning Dec. 25, 2013, making for a potentially awkward family excursion to the movies.

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  • Rk1968

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  • Bob

    “its scenes of coitus are expected to be envelop-pushing” … does that mean he was wearing a condom? lol

  • sig

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