Paula Deen Snags $75 Million in Comeback Money

Paula Deen Snags $75 Million in Comeback Money

The embattled celebrity chef has accumulated capital to start work on a new TV project

Is Paula Deen on the verge of a comeback?

The scandal-stricken ex-Food Network personality has garnered between $75 million and $100 million for her new company Paula Deen Ventures, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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The money came from private equity firm Najafi Cos., based in Phoenix. A representative from Paula Deen Ventures says the company is currently speaking with several “TV networks, retail chains and other possible partners,” though curiously, Food Network is not one of them.

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According to to the interview, Deen said the deal with Najafi Cos. came together after she and Najafi were introduced through a mutual friend.

She said she draws confidence from the “hundreds of thousands of folks who signed up on Facebook's ‘We Support Paula Deen’ page,” adding that “hundreds of thousands of my fans sent me messages of love and support.”

Deen lost millions of dollars in endorsement deals and her Food Network program was cancelled last summer after news came to light over her past use of racial slurs.

  • galet09

    I hope she comes back with a new t.v. show. I have missed her cooking shows and still to this day have not watched TFN since they fired her.

    • Pablo Diablo

      Write letters to TFN advertisers and include receipts from their competitors. Be very clear that you will never buy their products and will convince many of your friends to do likewise. Cable TV is bundled. Whether you watch or not is really immaterial.

      • galet09

        I have been very clear and it may be immaterial to you that I no longer watch their network, but if enough people stop watching it may make some kind of impact on the idiots who fired her. Those stupid close minded execs need to know that they lost a big portion of their audience and why.

  • dsanner106

    good for her. She has weathered the trumped up scandel and deserves whatever success she can make for herself going forward.

  • celia martin

    I also can't wait for her new show, and I no longer watch the food network.

  • Jeffery Creekmore

    let me get this straight you are comparing , in my opinion , your inbred inherent bigoted personality disorder to a man that has shattered the generations old bias in professional sports regarding sexual preference. this young man is , to my knowledge the first college athlete to come out with a very sensitive issue prior to his even being considered by an N F L team. to be honest his ability & that only should be all that opens the door to the next level. from the physical #'s he produced at the N F L combine , that were average at best , he should not even be drafted . god speed young man & as always , keep the faith. as for Paula Dean you decide.

    • Occu Bagger

      Shut up idiot.

      • Jim Christian

        Jeff is a gay-activist, he sees a cause he can get uppity about in every article. He's also VERY Politically Correct. He's an idiot, Occu, but he's earnest. Be glad you aren't part of the nightmare-ridden world that exists inside Jeffery Creekmore's skull.


    can't wait for Paula to succeed…how many Americans can say they have NEVER done anything they are sorry for…NONE−all my favorites on the food channel are gone..,.why not cut all the CHOPPED and cupcakes wars……!!!

  • Thinker

    America the Bigoted. Shame on you.