Piers Morgan ‘Furious’ After Maryland Mall Shooting

Piers Morgan 'Furious' After Maryland Mall Shooting

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“Why is the only answer to gun violence MORE guns?” CNN personality laments

CNN personality Piers Morgan has weighed in on Saturday's deadly shooting at a Maryland mall, posting a series of tweets and declaring himself “furious.”

“Not sad, furious,” Morgan wrote in response to “Roar” singer Katy Perry‘s tweet, “Is anyone else really sad about the constant stream of shootings and how normal it's becoming.”

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Morgan engaged Perry again, after the singer tweeted, “Scared to go to school.. to the mall… to the movies? Me too. When will there be ACTUAL change?”

“When Americans say ‘ENOUGH,'” Morgan replied.

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Morgan went on to invite Perry on his CNN show to discuss guns, adding, “[N]eed voices like you to effect change.”

While Morgan might have found an ally in Katy Perry, others, not surprisingly, disagreed.

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“Mall is another Gun Free Zone,” Twitter user Robert York wrote in response to Morgan and Perry. “People need guns to protect themselves from crazies with guns.”

Morgan countered, “Nobody suggested arming everyone else with bombs after Boston Marathon attack. So why is that the only answer to gun violence?”

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He also invoked the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, writing, “America's response to 9/11 was to ban all potential weapons on planes. Why is the only answer to gun violence MORE guns?”

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According to CNN, the Saturday morning shooting at a Columbia, Maryland, mall left three dead — store employees Brianna Benlolo, 21, and Tyler Johnson, 25, as well as the suspected shooter.

Morgan has advocated for stricter gun control in the past. Following the Newtown, Conn., school shooting in 2012, Morgan took aim at Steve Dulan of the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners.

“Why would you want more guns in schools?” Morgan asked Dulan on his show.

“How many more kids have to die?” Morgan continued. “We need less guns, not more…. The gun laws you're pushing have killed people.”

  • Anonymous

    Piers Morgan… doing for gun control with Maury Povich does for birth control.

    And thank goodness, by the way!

  • RabbleRabbleRabbleMe

    Phuck Piers Morgan. Hey Piers, you limey dickless prick … it's not the guns you need to worry about, phuckstick – it's the people. The phucking nut jobs like this one in Maryland, and you, are the problems….. not the guns. Wake up you small brained little prig – if people want to commit violence against other people, they'll do it ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. This guy had guns, but you know what? HE ALSO HAD BOMB MATERIAL! Gonna shut down the internet so people can't buy stuff online to make their bombs when they can't get a gun? Gonna stop the knife makers and the bat makers as well? Go back to phucking England. And stay there. And take that no-talent limey lover Katy Perry with you.

    • Mr Angry Rabble is a dumba$$.

      ooooo, get you,
      Full of hate and anger, let it go before you flip over to the dark side.take a chill pill.
      Yes guns need people to pull the trigger, but if theres no gun, less people will get hurt. and yes i am what you referred to as limey, and im glad we have so few guns so we dont go around shooting everyone everytime we get out of bed the wrong side.
      Grow up.

      • NukeDoc

        News flash for you, sonny Jim: your lame country's gun homicide rate was low even when handguns were legal. Gun control didn't produce that. But thanks for playing.

      • RabbleRabbleRabbleMe

        You're goddamn RIGHT I'm angry! I'm angry because of weak sickfuck liberals like you who are working to DESTROY MY COUNTRY and the world around it. So yeah, you bet your stupid ass-kissing liberal limey ASS I'm angry. — Now, let's talk about the problems with your no-gun ignorant mentality— you live in a country where nigger muslims walk around with machetes AND GUNS, shooting and beheading British soldiers in the streets….. THANKS TO YOUR NO GUN POLICY. Had a citizen been carrying a gun, those two piece of shit cowardly heathen muslims would hopefully be dead right now instead of sitting in a prison eating up your govt revenues. You have muslim terrorists blowing up your buses and subways – because of your weak-ass liberal policies. So don't even talk to me about not worrying about where you go in your country. You've got more surveillance than any place in the world and yet, still dealing with bombs and thugs beheading your citizens in the streets. If someone had a gun that afternoon, perhaps Fusilier Lee Rigby would still be alive before he was run over, and hacked to death by a black muslim barbarian taking REFUGE IN YOUR COUNTRY. I'm trying to prevent that kind of shit from becoming “the norm” in MY country! So YOU fuck off and GROW UP, then come back when you have an actual ARGUMENT to stand on. You stupid ignorant miserable piece of worthless shit!

        • David James

          Ha ha! You're hilarious. Seriously. At least in the UK you don't have people getting shot in cinemas, universities, schools etc on a pretty much weekly basis. It doesn't happen. A bus may have got blown up in central London a few years ago but 19 Saudi Arabian terrorists flew 2 planes into your twin towers in 2001. Ever ask yourself why America continues to support the Saudi monarchy? Why did the US invade Iraq? They weren't Iraqi terrorists on those planes. Educate yourself a little in the story behind the story, it's easy done, before you start spouting off about “nigger Muslims” (your language is atrocious, do you kiss your mother goodnight with those lips?). As for the pair of guys who killed Lee Rigby, I would rather they faced a lifetime in jail than a quick exit from this earth into paradise. Eating up government revenues? Are you for real? How much has Guantanimo Bay cost the US? How much has the iraqi invasion, the afghanistan invasion, secret flights of rendition? Don't make me laugh. Maybe if your government didn't spend so much money on wars they could afford to provide healthcare for the population, invest in better schools, maybe some sort of childcare for working mothers, a small few dollars per month to families with children to help them with some of the basics. Unnecessary war in Iraq, $2 trillion dollars. One of the reasons America is not liked by the Muslim extremists is that you keep interfering in their affairs. Why did America invade Iraq, think about it, why not invade Saudi Arabia who after all set up the religious schools throughout Pakistan who fed fighters into the Taliban during their revolution in the '90's who harboured Osama Bin Laden (A Saudi National) who arranged the attacks on the twin towers. Jesus Christ you simply are one of those people who parrots Fox News without ever simply thinking about whats going on in the world. People like you are what makes this world a poorer place, where racism can thrive (nigger muslims, what sort of thing is that to say). You know the word liberal, and use it to justify your hate filled diatribes.

          • muslimmustgo

            No, you get people in england now being abused and murdered by muslimes!1 Don't even try to tell America what they should be!! Your type are among the most notorious RACISTS!!

          • gracie

            Thanks! David James, couldn't have said it better myself. These clueless reactionaries will never get it.

        • muslimmustgo

          Yeah,the stupid limeys are now realizing that their losing their country to the invading hordes of muslums and they have no way to stop it!! They gave up the right to self defense when they gave up their right to fiearms!! Oh well,some never learn! And morgan needs to be deported,he's a treasonous supporter!

        • muslimmustgo

          Amen to what you're saying,but the communist liberal will NEVER hear you! Trying to have a fact based discussion with them is like trying to reason with an infant child!

        • richinski

          this guy is an ass dont argue with idiots,they will bring you down to their leavel and beat you with experience.He's Nothing more than nice guy who's misguided .

    • jeffreygeez

      Anyone that thinks that more guns make it safer is delusional, if that was the case the uSA would be the safest country in the world, since we in fact have more guns per capitia than any other country on the planet, and we are nowhere near the safest country,what is all you Wyatt Earp wanna be's do not understand about that fact?

      • expatconservative

        Perhaps you know the saying about opinions and that is all you posted. Look at the facts and the truth is clear. The cities in the U.S. with the strictest gun control laws have the most shootings/murders, i.e. Chicago Wash D.C.Criminals don't care about gun laws or if you banned guns altogether they will still buy them and use them against inocent victims. Look at the many instances when a law abiding gun carrying citizen takes control when some punk with a gun tries robbing or asaulting some inocent and the result is that the criminal either runs off or better yet catches lead.
        Go live in the south side of Chicago, why don't you….. tough gun laws and all and take POS Morgan with you!!!

  • Jackelyn-Micah Hardin

    Go be mad at us somewhere else in the world. CNN's few viewers are just tuning in to through rotten tomatoes at the TV. If you think we are so awful for our way of life, why are you here? Oh yes, because your own country hates you and wont let you back. I am sure you would be welcome in Cuba.

  • LenInFlux

    If Piers Morgan wants to make a constructive suggestion, then he would be advocating for people to go through metal detectors before entering any malls (or every other public place, for that matter). The killer in this incident had a shotgun that I'm betting he obtained via a background check so his message (we need to do something about guns) will fall flat.

    • TexTopCat

      There are really only to ways to slow down such events on “soft targets”. Yo either have to make them hard targets, metal detectors, bomb detectors, and TSA style pat downs. OR you have armed citizens in high enough numbers that the killers get STOPPED very early on their crime spree.

  • frediano

    Between fringe incidents of these shootings, hundreds of senseless auto deaths, including cute five yr olds killed by DUI, but no outrage and calls for 20 mph speed limiters and 5 gallon gas tanks from Mr. I Selectively Care Deeply About Senseless Violence. That unfamiliar to boot lickers smell is called ‘freedom.’

  • 1rdd

    That's because the nut job NRA is so powerful (right now) that nothing will be done to control guns. I guess it's going to take a senators kids or wife to get shot and killed before anything gets done. Not to wish bad luck on someone but I hope it happens sooner rather than later so something gets done.

    • NukeDoc

      You're assuming that gun control protects people, reduces crime, and saves lives. No empirical evidence supports such a notion. But hey, at least you found your bogeyman.

    • 191145

      Fact ! In April 2013 senators were receiving calls and emails at the rate of 7 to 1 against passing more gun control ! The NRA has just under 5 million members, there are approximately 110 MILLION LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS in America ! To hear you say that the NRA stopped congress, is absolutely absurd and very naïve of you . What your trying to say is that the 110 million had no bearing on congress ! You fool ! Wishing for bad things to happen to people to advance your agenda seems to be the popular thing with PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS ! Step up to the plate you moron !

    • triple Lindy

      Ah yes, never let a crisis go to waste. You are one sick individual to hope it happens sooner rather that later..

      • 1rdd

        No TL, I'm just tired of hearing about all these killings. Instead of innocent people being killed and nothing getting done about it, let someone ‘of importance’ lose a loved one, let them make the sacrifice, instead of Joe Citizen and his family. I'm tired of all these killings and all these guns out there are the cause. And DON'T try to give me the lame ‘cars kill more people than guns, outlaw cars’ or ‘outlaw knives’ because those excuses don't hold a candle to the real problem and that is guns kill people, plain and simple.

        • TexTopCat

          You might get your facts straight. Guns stop criminal violence many more times than any negative use. Most estimates are in the 2.5 million times every year, that is over 6000 time every day.

        • PacKinHeat

          The problem with your argument is that you want the same thing to be done about the problem that caused the problem in the first place – no gun was around to stop the bad guys. As far as knives go, on the same day as the Aurora shooting, China had a KNIFE MASSACRE in a school that was just as bad. And it happens all the time over there. So yes, if a mental case wants to get violent, lack of access to guns wouldn't stop him or her and then the innocents would have no guns to stop him or her.

          • 1rdd

            Give me someone coming at me with a knife than a gun any day.

  • MrApple

    Gun Free Zones only work for the criminals.

  • 191145

    More mental health support ! Maryland passed more laws, not working and won't work ! What's embarrassing is these TALKING HEADS ignore MENTAL HEALTH all together ! Katy Perry should be reaching out to do infomercials about seeking help. Why is the focus on more laws and not providing help ? Piers loves to dance in blood, it gets him a little air time and pisses everyone off !

  • Mark Crist

    What law do they want to pass this time to prevent this from happening? Its been released that the weapon used was a shotgun (legal in England) and that it was purchased, I presume legally from a store in Maryland. A state with firearm laws strict enough to earn it an A- grade from the Brady Campaign.

    • Clifford Erickson

      They want to take away all guns, obviously. Facists.

  • Scott Davidson

    I am so thankful that I live in a “concealed carry” state. Mall shootings do not happen where I live, because many citizens carry concealed guns, which usually deter criminals from shooting up a place. My state senators and representatives understand that each and every citizen deserves the right to defend themselves, should a massacre, such as a mall shooting occur.

    • Duh

      Three out of the four past public shootings occurred in concealed carry states. How does that explain your theory?

      • Scott Davidson

        I said USUALLY deters criminals. Obviously the real problem is mental health. People with mental health issues will not be deterred nor care. However, at least I have the right to carry concealed. I have the option to fight back instead of accepting my fate!

        • Scott Davidson

          Additionally, the public shootings you are referring to ‘probably happened in gun free zones, i.e. aurora movie theater.

      • NukeDoc

        4 out of 4 were gun free zones hoss.

  • NukeDoc

    No mention of how Maryland's gun laws stack up with the rest of the nation. Transparent narrative is transparent.

  • Craig

    Less Guns for the good people? Sounds like the type of thinking Jews wish they would of had a chance to do over as Hitler was gaining gearing up.
    So what about the school shooting where the kid shot a little girl point blank with a shotgun. Were he had info written on his arms what building to go to next to kill more. The only thing that stopped him was a school “resource officer” that was armed with “another gun” (Thank God). When he knew he was cornered by another armed person he turned the gun on himself which saved lives! I'll bet if Morgan had a child at that school he would of been thanking God that another gun was there to stop the gunman!

  • Barry Hirsh

    Piers, Americans HAVE said “enough”, only not to what you think they should.

    They have said “enough” to government burdens illegitimately placed upon people who aren't violent actors.

    And the Supreme Court is on the same page, for the same constitutional reasons.

    Here is the message you can't seem to fathom: YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

    • scotsphil

      The Supreme Court is full of GOP appointees

      • Barry Hirsh

        So? FDR's court was full of Democrat appointees.

        That court ruled on U.S. v. Miller, which held that arms in common use that have some reasonable relationship to the efficiency of a militia are protected by the Second Amendment, and that when interpreting the Second Amendment, that purpose must be kept in view..

        DEMOCRAT appointees.

        BTW, if you want some real entertainment, read the Heller opinion – not just the holding, but the entire opinion, Besides educating yourself with Scalia's thorough exegesis of the amendment's formative history, witness how he deftly dismantles Stevens's pathetic dissent.

  • Michael A. Loomis III

    Actually we went to my daughter's skating lesson today at one of Houston's largest malls. The fact that a mall shooting happened didn't deter us nor were we scared to leave the house. We just went on with our business. I also don't walk thru life in condition white like the majority of people. I also always have my pistol on my person. Some people disagree with this and think it's paranoid. I simply am prepared.

  • James Wentz

    They don't need gun control so much as ni99er control! And of course, the media hides the race of the perp. They only do that if he's not white!

    • Skylar

      The largest mass shooting was committed by an Asian dude. Furthermore race doesn't have anything to do with this. It's an issue of mental health and if people were a little more compassionate to their fellow man then maybe troubled people wouldn't feel the need to go to measures such as murder. How about we try not to be a dick and maybe we could accomplish something. Or is that too much like right?

  • Cheryl Sublett

    Can we extricate Pierce Morgan, there is a difference between shootings and bombings, there are more shootings. If he doesn't do his homework, those cities in the United States and around the world which either severely limit or deny ownership of guns have the highest crime rate. For a person who lives in Columbia, Maryland, we need the option to conceal carry, therefore, if something like this happens, then the person can be taken out immediately instead of waiting for the police and three people are killed and many more are injured. Those who think that gun free zones are safe, need to think again, schools are the same way but the mall and school being safe is debatable. People forget about the black market where people can obtain a gun without having to go through proper procedure, therefore, the restriction of guns only hurts those who are willing to follow the law, this is why a republican is needed as president because they know what it is like to shoot a gun, along with not being delusional about how people obtain guns. Pierce Morgan needs to leave the United States and go back to where he came from, you don't like guns, fine, don't own one, but don't get upset if a criminal tries to break into my house and I direct him to yours by informing him that you don't believe in owning guns, good luck.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Piers Morgan should shut his festering gob he is a vacuous tit who makes the wold vomit. Of course he favors gun control his is a low down crook he betrayed his country illegally wire tape the phones of British soccer players and fled when the Daily Mirror was under trail. He should not be in America nor hired by CNN in the first place. The sooner he is either deported or extradited to stand trail in Britain the better.

  • Feudi Pandola

    I love when Piers gushes. He's such a cutie pie.

  • goaway

    Mr. Morgan needs to go back to his homeland of enchantment; not so perfect there. Leave our country free of your political ideals. Why are you in the U.S. anyway?

    • scotsphil

      To try to civilise you dumbasses

  • GP53au

    People continue to say there is no evidence gun control reduces gun deaths, yet Australia is the evidence. In 1996 Martin Bryant shot dead 35 people and wounded 23 at Port Arthur, in the state of Tasmania, in a what was the 12th such incident in Australia. After what became known as the Port Arthur massacre, the government introduced gun control and there has not since been a single case of a mass killing in Australia. Homicide by firearm decreased by 59%, with no increase in non-firearm related homicides, there was no increase in home invasion, and suicides by firearm decreased by 65%. It is up to the American people to decide whether or not they want to control guns but there is the undeniable evidence that gun control works.

    • CTCrow

      Move to Australia then

      • C18

        when will you dumb ass yanks wake up ,,guns kill.. if you want to protect your home buy a good alarm system or some bad ass dog. NOT A GUN. guns for cops yes,gun for the army yes,guns for dumb ass yanks NO

      • GP53au

        I don't have to move to Australia, I live in Australia. I've lived with the benefits of gun control and I can only praise our government for having the strength to do what was right for the people.

      • scotsphil

        Snide infantile idiot

  • Cynthiz Price

    Piers doesn't say anything the 1% owned MSM people don't want him to say. Its all for the Ratings. You think he is going to give up a job working for a Billionaire or say something he isn't supposed to say?

  • Mike

    Go back to England. Why did CNN ever hire this tool. It's not the guns but our failure to diagnose and treat mental illness. A sane person does not go on a shooting spree.

    • David From Canada

      Sane people in the U.S.A. shoot each other with guns everyday – they go into an angry rage and then, Bang! Bang! Bang! Including a lot of domestic quarrels and neighbourhood disputes. Both sane and insane people misuse guns far too much – it's a terrible problem in the U.S.A.!

  • http://ImpeachImposterBarry.com/ JusticeJuice

    Americans have guns. That's how we beat Piers off our land in the first place.

  • x y

    No serious thought by Morgan has been given. With 325,000,000 guns in the U.S. who is going to use them for illegal purposes? The criminals of course. There weretimes that I was thankful I had a gun to protect my family. Morgan should realize that the U.S.A. is not England.

  • Sean Bakhtiar

    Stop shootings by protecting yourself with gun?! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. How has that helped over the years in school shootings? malls? cinemas? someone needs to take a stand.

  • Nighthawk 572

    Obviously the answer is NOT more gun laws and more gun bans. Perhaps the answer is less killing fields AKA gun free zones.

  • UncleJohn

    Pierce Morgan is outraged by his Corn Flakes ™ every morning. Was there any actual news in this article?

  • Mags Scragg

    wow… there was probably only one or two people on that entire thread that made an intelligent argument: The rest of you sound like scared trailer trash.
    Scared of foreigners, scared of not having a weapon, scared of having to use your intelligence as opposed to violence…. and blissfully unaware that the same company provides both US and UK with media reports.

    As a matter of interest we haven't had a mass shooting in the UK since we outlawed most weapons following Dunblane. Like Australia did.

    And there we were thinking the bottom half of America was evolving.

  • Harry

    How many people actually care whether the game show host is “furious”, happy, sad…. Go back to Londonistan, Piers.

  • blatant_misuse

    Didn't you promise to deport yourself? Go ahead and do that already. We don't want you hear spewing witticisms in an effort to destroy our freedoms, you clever asshole.