Piers Morgan Reveals His New Gig: ‘Entourage’ Movie Role (Photos)

Piers Morgan Reveals His New Gig: 'Entourage' Movie Role (Photos)

CNN personality gets face-to-face with Ari Gold as his show draws to an end

Piers Morgan might not be with CNN for much longer, but he might just have a second career on the big screen.

Morgan, whose CNN series ends this month, has booked a role on the upcoming “Entourage” movie, the cable news personality revealed via Twitter on Thursday.

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“To those wondering about my next career move.. here's what I'm doing next two days,” Morgan wrote on his Twitter account.

A subsequent post included a photo of a cast list, which revealed that Morgan will play a character named … wait for it … Piers Morgan.

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“Who needs TV?” Morgan wrote.

Morgan later posted a photo of himself with “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven and creator Doug Ellin, and later a photo with Piven.

“It's a wrap – one of the best days of my working life,” Morgan wrote.

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But while Morgan might have spent the day reveling in the experience of hobnobbing with big-shot actors, Morgan devoted at least part of Wednesday reflecting, perhaps a touch bitterly, on the imminent demise of his CNN show.

“Had my highest CNN ratings in 8 months last night. #justsaying,” Morgan wrote.

  • Jasmine

    You're right Mr. Morgan we need to do something about guns in this country.

    • Greg

      Yep. Dig them out of the closet, clean them up and shoot them more.

  • Leon Barber

    This Morgan still does not get it, this is the USA and not the UK. Our forefathers got us out from under the UK back in the 1700´s.

  • Fellow Brit

    Shame on CNN this Brit is a breath of fresh air in a system that talks endlessly about nothing.Piers Morgan talks about issues and challenges us to think, instead of mindlessly accepting spoon fed politically biased claptrap.