Ratings: ‘Bethenny’ Debut Up Slightly Among Real Housewives

Ratings: 'Bethenny' Debut Up Slightly Among Real Housewives

Posts minor gains in women 25-54

Did the real housewives of America flip for “Bethenny”? Not exactly.

“Real Housewives” franchise survivor Bethenny Frankel was down slightly in household ratings but up a bit among women 25-54 — the ones home to watch during the day. Not all of them are actually housewives, but then, neither are most of the “Real Housewives.”

The show received a .9 household rating and a .6 rating in women 25-54, the key demo. The ratings were a third those of “Ellen,” which was the top talk show of the day in household ratings. Ellen DeGeneres tied her highest household rating — a 3.1 — and had a 1.8 in the women 25-54 demo.

“Bethenny” slipped 10 percent in household ratings from her lead-in average and from the same time period last year. But in the key women 25-54 demo, the show was up 20 in the ratings over her lead-in average, and up 20 percent in ratings for the same time period last year.

Those gains may seem larger than they are numerically because percentage changes look more drastic when ratings are smaller.

Other numbers — such as total viewers — were not yet available.

  • Debsvoice

    I like Bethanny as a person and since her show is now being produced by Ellen Degenes, I DVR watched episodes 1 and 2. Here in Houston, it airs at 0800. I'm going to give her the behefit of the doubt because she's probably insanely nervous. However, after beginning show 3, I'm sorry to say I had to selete if from my DVR. With her screaming sentences out one after another and the emphasis of her show being sex, studly men (of which I have no arguement) and body image, etc., there is inane subject matter that is neither new and/or relevant and or interesting. The yelling is enough to turn this viewer off. Sorry, Bethanny.