Robin Roberts Officially Comes Out as Gay in Facebook Post

Robin Roberts Officially Comes Out as Gay in Facebook Post

“GMA” host acknowledges longtime girlfriend in thank you to supporters

Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC's morning show “Good Morning America,” has come out as gay in an end-of-the-year post on her Facebook page.

Roberts’ sexuality had been known to her family, friends and co-workers for some time, but her mention of longtime girl friend Amber Laign was her first public acknowledgement.

“I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together,” she wrote in the post, which was a thank-you for those who had supported her following her bone marrow transplant last year.

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Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and took a leave from “GMA” to undergo the transplant in October of 2012. She returned to the show in February 20, 2013.

Be the Match Registry, a nonprofit organization run by the National Marrow Donor Program, said that it experienced a huge spike in donors the day Roberts went public with her illness.

CNN newscaster Anderson Cooper came out in a Q&A with Andrew Sullivan in July of 2012. And former “GMA” weatherman Sam Champion last year announced his plans to marry his boyfriend Rubem Robierb.




  • Gaspar Marino

    Glad to see she came out, but no shock to me. Another newscaster who never came out is Sue Simmons, so I applaud Robin for her strong stand.

    • Cherryblossomgirl08

      Why applaud someone for their sexual orientation? It's not a strong stand. She sleeps with women. That's all.

      • Bish Chan

        It is not applauding their sexual orientation. It is showing them support for having the courage to be visible and not hide. It shows how far America has come. Meanwhile gay people are arrested, tortured and killed for doing the same in other countries.

  • hupto

    Tune in next week when “Today” finally regains the #1 spot as GMA's ratings in the South drop like a rock.

    • Smith

      Right, just like they did when Sam Champion came out. Oh wait. . .

      • hupto

        Yeah, but she's a two-fer: gay and Black.

  • BoredAlready

    Why the hell do these people think I give a damn who they sleep with?

    • Greg

      Duh!!! Then why waste your time posting?.why not just go move on?

    • Randy

      The same goes with your comment. No one gives a sh*t about what you have to say about this….

      • BoredAlready

        Point is, nobody should give a sh*t about whether she is gay or not. It's not our business to know. Her private life is her own. Just because she's on tv doesn't mean I, or anybody else, should have a right (or be even remotely interested) to know which gender she spreads for.

        Nobody gives a damn that I'm straight other than me and my significant other… But I think I'll set up a press release declaring such in the near future.

        • Bish Chan

          That is because there is no parity on this issue for straight people. You don't have to consider hiding your sexuality because at any given time you might be discriminated against for it.

          One reason that gay rights moved this fast is because gay people were visible in society. In this way more and more people find they have friends and family etc that are gay and stereotypes break down.

  • Harry Jones

    Great another one..

  • David Brown


  • Mrfri

    what should anyone care? I don't understand when a celebrity professional athlete calls a press conference to announce that he puts his dick in another guy's ass, he's now a hero. If a guy calls a press conference to announce he sticks his dick in Vagina, is he a hero? or if a guy admits he'd prefer to stick it in little boys or girls, should he get praise? Or if he gives it to the dog. or whatever. I'm sick of the media gays “praising” themselves because of what they do with their cocks and vaginas.

    • Cherryblossomgirl08

      Seriously! Being gay isn't brave or heroic.

  • DebraJMSmith


  • gigi

    Shocker !! I knew it, you can just tell with some people. The hairdo is a clue.

    • sassy920

      you are very Ignorant and stereo type people..Not all women with short hair are Gay..I'm for from it and I had short hair at one time..Don't you realize she lost all of her hair due to chemo..It's people like you that will never make this world a Peaceful far did you go in high school? and what type of degree's do you have?This woman is a very Intelligent woman regardless of her Race and sexual Preference,,, She was a local Sports caster then she went to ESPN .Now GMA and not counting the appearances she has made on T.V god I guess the war of ignorance will never end

      • gigi

        Asking me about my education, nice grammar on you ! Did you make it through middle school. Loser

        • Gina

          You are right about the grammar mistake, however, your comment about Ms. Roberts denotes prejudice & ignorance! “Gay” due to short hair?! Alas! How about Ms. Berry & many others in Hollywood & the rest of the world? Hagase ver tia!

  • gigi

    Also, Who cares. Why do these people take so long to tell the world they are rug munchers,

  • troche565

    Not that many people care, but I'm sure she did it to feel good about herself and make her partner feel great about their relationship becoming public as a sign of love and commitment.

  • sassy920

    I can not believe the Ignorant people and the Ignorant things that most of you are saying.Not only that the Language that this site is letting them use on their comments..
    It's people like most of you that i read your comments that will never bring peace to this world..Half of you don't have The education or Degree's this lady has..

    So what she Is gay! big Deal ! damn she bleeds red like we do..She came from A very respectful family whom taught her and her siblings the Values of life and Made sure they all accomplished what they have and done damn Good at it..
    Her sister is a news Anchor In New Orleans And the other A teacher for many years..I always knew shew was Gay But that did not make me like her any less..

    I always say when you hate a person for the color of their skin or the Lifestyle they choose such as the People they love ,it will come back on you 10 times..You never know who is in the “closet” in your family”or dating someone of another race..
    By reading the comments I have read I tell you what I would come out and then leave .I would not want My partner to even know my family who's Values are very ignorant….
    For the record” i don't recall her telling anyone she was A lesbian “she said long time girlfriend..I have know and have long time girlfriends and i'm not gay with them..But like most of you Posted her hair being short wow..she was in chemo and lost it…Because she is in to sports…I think she is very well loved By GMA and Many others in the “lime light ” and Loved by people in her home town..She is an Icon and the Best gift the gulf Coast could ask for….

    • gigi

      The point is, who cares !! What do they expect a celebration or special treatment now. No one cares and post real news. And you with all this peace and love be with you….. go hug a tree and eat some granola and don't forget to wear your sandals with the socks

      • JayCe

        I care! It takes a brave person to “come out” with so many gay bashers in this world. I think the gay community cares also. It has to be nice for them to know that another celebrity is “out”. I agree with others, it you don't care then why read the article then comment that you don't care. Just move on.


    Never gave it a second thought,never wonder about her private life, never but i to am gay so welcome,welcome,welcome,Robin,always glad to welcome a fellow family member!!Happy New Year to you and your partner, may the Lord bless you this coming year and many more to come,a family friend!!

  • Valentino Marcus

    I didn't suspect anything of R.R. but I did suspect that weatherman, Sam Champion. His looks gave it away! Crystal clear…!

  • Valentino Marcus

    I've got a strange feeling the whole world is gay…No problem with that…

  • John

    What dis she cum out of?

  • John

    Why did she cum out?

  • John

    What did she cum out of?

  • John

    HOW did she come out?

  • John

    When will she go back in whatever she cum out of?

  • John

    Yes..we ALL really need to know all these things …right!? Is ridiculous …!

  • sandi gardner

    Shez ! Anybody that has to resort to name calling should go back to jr high! I'd rather be around a kind ,loving, inspirational ,professional , incredibly respected gay person then an immature backward hate filled straight person who resorts to name calling! To the one who wrote “loser” to another person for disagreeing ..maybe you could deal w ur petty issues w a 6th grader. For those who can't handle somebody wonderful being different then themselves try finding a good therapist and deal w ur issues

  • sandi gardner

    Short Hair is a clue ? REALLY? Do u believe Afro Americans can dance and talk funny or all Mexicans all go to Taco Bell? How about all the people who live in the hills are barefoot? Gotta get. Up early n the mornin to fool u!

  • JJ McAll

    Sigh…America….whither your moral compass?

  • carolyn

    how we suspose to multiple if every body gay in this world it s a shame ..and and sad to here that …

    • WTF Nation

      You can “multiple” all you want – gay relationships with never MULTIPLY and populate this world. Go back to Genesis to figure out that one sweetie.

  • Jello.Beyonce

    I just assume everyone at ABC, Yahoo, and the Huffington Post are gay. They all sure seem to push the agenda.

  • John Harris

    I never heard of this person before and am sure I never will again after this posting. I don't worry whether a person is gay or otherwise and don't understand why anyone else would. How in the hell can an anonymous person coming out of the closet be a story?

  • BD

    Its good to find out the Ole Gaydar is still up and running. But in the near future it will no longer rmatter, because in the near future it will be cool to have a gay baby sitter be the first to show your child how to be gay, and it will be cool to have same sex marriage in your family and have blended same sex adopted grandchildren. Lets all be gay its the New American Family Way.

    • Cherryblossomgirl08

      Is that sarcasm?

  • JC

    Why does one group of people choose to identify themselves based on sexual preference? We have become a very shallow country when sexual preference is news.

  • Renee’

    Stories like this tell you why our nation's educational institutions are on the decline. People are more concerned about this foolishness. I don't care what a person does in the privacy of their home. Such behavior won't increase the amount of any stock, nor will it help students pass tests. I don't agree with that lifestyle, but as an individual who strives to empower young people by giving them positive choices to follow, I place academic and professional options in front of them. That is what our nation's power brokers should be doing. I'm a beautiful straight black woman who lives a moral fine life. I'm brilliant. I'm halfway through my doctoral program. I'm well travelled, articulate and I also speak spanish. I'm single and I have no children. I own property and I'm gainfully employed. Who would you rather have as a role model for your children? Yet, the media moguls won't focus on these images. Gay is not the new “Black.” The people who focus on these stories are too lazy to invent new stories that will intelectually stimulate and entertain their audience. How many times can we see the same story reworked? It's the same story different people.

  • Cherryblossomgirl08

    I'm so sick of this “news.” The fact that gay people are aggressively pushing the gay agenda every chance they get is actually contrary to the idea that we should not be defined by our sexual preference.

  • rocky5place

    Hooray for another addition to the “coming out” brigade. When the pendulum swings back, and it eventually will, what happens to all those who “came out”? Do they then “go in”? How is it that normally accepted liffestyle people don't stuff their normalcy in your face But those others with peculiar lifestyles always seem to be doing exactly that?



  • Curley Q

    Wow. Like it's so important! It all has to do with who is fronting things. In this case, The Gay Lobby which has enormous money and
    power. It's about messing (& changing) with the public's mind. And yes, itis posing this issue of being gay as something to be noted, as if it's a sign of heroism. But it's clever tactics in getting one to embrace the Gay Lobby's agenda: Nationwide Gay Marriage. They frame everything as if it is a Civil Rights issue–marriage is not and never has been a matter of civil rights–but the brain-washing is astounding. If you look at court transcripts-even the recent U.S.Supreme Court ruling–you will see that no lawyer mentions civil rights in their legal arguments-but outside, in front of the cameras–it's a different story. Understand, I am all for Same Sex Unions–but because of –really– a deep insecurity, this is a second- rate option to the Gay Marriage gang. It
    truly indicates a pathology–that it is certain gay people who need this reassurance that it is o.k. to be gay so they can tell their families that kicked them out of the house: “See, Society says I'm O.K.” Essentially,
    what is truly scary is there is no voice for children. And in the Gay Marriage
    framework–many innocent children will be the victims of a stupid societal experiment. The actual women who give birth for these same sex couples (unless it is two women, in which much of the time one of them births the child with a sperm donar as the father) is just some surrogate–then the child is
    brought into this same sex scenario and is stuck with that because their narcissistic “parents” insist on this. The Marriage idea is to secure this possible scenario. Same Sex Unions would not have had the same parallel
    protections. And I feel, that is unfortunate for the child. There are gays against
    gay marriage–but they are never heard–look this up for yourselves. It's out there. In conclusion, THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS was on TV recently–agood study in nature and males and females being naturally attracted to one another in creating unions for the bigger task of procreation. After all, all
    gays came out of such unions and I think this is, for some gays, their basic psychological hang up. They are the minority. They are, indeed, odd. I say: You are clearly the different one-but so what? Be proud of that–be o.k. with not being mainstream, as so many gays have for centuries–but stop trying to put a square peg into a round hole and have the rest of us deal with your demands. Grow up.