Robin Thicke: Miley Cyrus VMAs Controversy Is ‘on Her’ (Video)

Robin Thicke: Miley Cyrus VMAs Controversy Is 'on Her' (Video)

“I don't twerk myself, OK? I'm just twerked upon,” “Blurred Lines” singer Thicke tells Oprah

Robin Thicke attempts to distance himself from the controversy surrounding his MTV Video Music Awards performance with Miley Cyrus on Sunday's “Oprah's Next Chapter.”

The flap, he tells her, “is funny to me … it's silly” — but he also blames Cyrus for whatever stir has been created.

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For those who've been blissfully unaware of the situation for the past month or so, Cyrus and Thicke raised eyebrows at the VMAs with their performance, which featured the former Disney princess performing some grind-heavy dancing against Thicke's Man Zone.

Thicke attempts to exonerate himself during the sitdown, claiming that he was a semi-innocent bystander — or, as  he puts it, the “twerkee,” referring to Cyrus’ gyrations.

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“I'm singing my butt off, so I'm sitting there. I'm looking up at this guy, and I'm singing. I'm not really paying attention to all that. That's on her,” Thicke tells Winfrey. “I'm like, people ask me, you know, do you twerk? I go, listen, I'm the twerkee. I'm twerked upon. I don't twerk myself, OK? I'm just twerked upon.”

Here's the pertinent excerpt from “Oprah's Next Chapter” in the video.

Robin Thicke on the Miley Cyrus Twerking Controversy: “It's Silly”

It was the twerk seen round the world. In September 2013, singer Miley Cyrus made headlines for grinding against Robin Thicke during a performance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Find out why Robin says he was just “twerked upon” in that situation, and hear what he was really thinking in that moment.

Tune in Sunday, October 13, at 9/8c.

  • DougW

    So he's trying to distance himself now, though he did nothing to distance himself during the performance.

    • ohelyse

      so true

  • ohelyse

    I hope Miley either chokes on her tongue or overdoses soon. She is a vile ugly lil’ misbehaving, always inappropriate no talent oakey-and she needs to go away, and for good.

    • norske2761


    • Caroline Richstein

      as harsh and unethical as “I hope miley either chokes on her tongue or overdoses soon” is, ….you're right.

    • jerod

      Really? You're that upset? Quit watching TV. If your upset that she is your or was your children's role model then you have issues for not raising your children appropriately. Your issues are listed for wishing death on someones child. Get a life!!!!

    • karma

      like seriously though?? choking on her toungue..thats low..very unnececcary

  • Faith

    What is with the tongue? I hope this is just for the album sales. This is not how children become adults.

  • Rytam

    What a puss! He is the one that came up behind Miley and was dry humping her. He is so disgusting.

  • lykke

    I feel sorry for Miley being blasted for her choices – she can sing and she is sexually confident – apart from her fiancee, nobody else should care whether she rubs herself on Robin Thicke

  • pmat51

    If you really pay attention to the video he is not rushing up to her and he looks like he is just stuck at standing there singing and barley dancing wishing it was all over. This is about Miley having such a time trying to top whatever woman singer has done to make a name for herself as a young grownup. Yes she is right that people are going crazy over her porn antics because Madonna did it and hip hop and rap women get away with it before she came along to do it nastier. Miley forgets that she is trying this in the world we are in now which is calling for more moral value on TV and in songs because people are tired of all these young women with no values are pushing it on little girls and young teens to be like them.. Girls should allowed to be girls and teenagers should be allowed to be teenagers.Society has allowed the so much that they just want them to go from 0 to sexpot before they even have a chance to be just a little girl and just a regular teenager. As soon as you are 18 and up you are forced into a grown up world and are a adult for the rest of your life. If you do not allow them to be just a little girl first and just a teenager second before trying to force them into being a young sexpot then where do we draw the line? Parents are the ones who should teach them that everyone has their own creativity and that we can enjoy music just for music but that does not mean your daughter or your son has to dress and act like them just because we enjoy the music . I enjoy all types of music but it does not mean I want to dress and live and act like them . Its sad that the industry and society lets them be nothing but sexpots way before they should and that is on the people who surround them and tell them lies when they do not live in the real world .Most entertainment people live like the government in glass houses and not in everyday life. Hince why Justin Beiber acts like a fool right alongside the way Miley is acting now because they live in a glass bubble. Someone has to draw the line in the sand when it comes why everyone is up in arms with her but it has to start somewhere or it just keeps getting worse and worse with the next up and coming singing or acting star.

    • Jules

      Really?! Lord, are you for real?! I'm a person who works in entertainment AND the mother of a son (no daughter; however I have a niece whom I adore). This is the problem with our world. People are blaming this girl and giving this boy (yes boy…emotionally at least) a free pass. He is no innocent. There were rehearsals for this “so-called” performance. If Robin Thicke has a “pair” he would man up and say the truth which is that both performers (he and Cyrus) were aware of what they were doing and that it was to shock every one. Because that is what was about. Was it a good performance? No it was not sadly. But both knew what they were doing and, as usual, the young woman is being crucified as every name in the book and the “young” man is being given a pass. It is sad and pathetic that in this day and age young woman are being encouraged to push the limits of sexuality but if it doesn't pan out the way society thinks it should they are blamed in the same old way (hoochie, slutty, bad taste etc.) while the male is continued to allowed to be the “innocent” boy led astray (mom says he was just trying to sing and she was shocked; HE says he was the “twekee…not the tweker…so sad and cowardly). I have told my son he better understand it takes “two” to “tango” and a young woman is allowed to be as sexual as he is and he better damn well not judge her by a different set of rules than he or his friends are being judged by. Shame other adults don't feel the same. This is way your daughters are victims and your sons have less respect for woman than they should (as they are not held accountable for their treatment of them).

  • jlo

    thicke is a hypocrite, he's a adult, not a 15 yr old kid and was there for the rehearsal, manup listen to the song again people and tell me what it says he wants to do to a woman…innocent, I think not

  • lflm

    Why is there such a fuss about what she does or does not do – who cares – who is she anyway to cause all of this – what a waste of time and effort.

  • Mandy C

    What a coward.No respect for such a hypocrite. He participated, grow a pair and accept responsibility for your prominent display of your musical performance.
    l.Alas tho, many people will remember you for such a performance and in Hollywood that's the bottom line