Russell Crowe Spent the Weekend Asking the Pope to See ‘Noah’

Noah - Movie Preview Gallery

The star of Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming biblical film is very keen on screening it for Pope Francis

Russell Crowe is eager to get the Pope onboard his ark.

As Paramount ramps up promotion for Darren Aronofsky‘s $100 million retelling of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, a big part of the strategy has been courting the elusive — but potentially lucrative — religious audience. Aronofsky has been hosting a gallery in New York City featuring different artistic interpretations of the apocryphal tale, while the studio has pushed back against whispers that it’s not loyal enough to the Bible.

See videoDarren Aronofsky’s “Noah” Trailer Features Russell Crowe Battling the Flood

Obviously, getting the thumbs up from Pope Francis would be the ultimate blessing for the film, which stars Crowe as the ark-building hero. And so, Crowe went to Twitter to try and get the ball rolling, while the markeitng team put up a big billboard for the film in Rome.


  • Lisa

    That’s a good way to stop these ridiculous hateful Christians. You’d think they would be grateful, but I guess Hatred is a large part of their religion.

    • Grace

      Hi, I just wanted to say that I am a Christian; and I love Russell Crowe movies, and am extremely excited about this one. There have been rumors that it is not true to the Bible, which would be really sad because it is a beautiful story of God’s love. And it doesn’t need embellishment. But I am very hopeful, because people who think Christians are hateful need to see an accurate representation of what we really are.

      • Charlie

        It’s a story. I already can imagine that Darren Aronofsky is adding his own artistic vision and hopefully so because without a specific artistic vision of his own how would the film have any impact at all. It’s a story. It is not taboo, there’s room his vision how to best translate it to screen and to resonate with all people.

      • Steve

        So a story of god killing everyone on earth is an example of his love? I agree though this movie may really cool!

    • georgemariolazarus

      Christian and “hate”, wow there’s a historical genius……let’s see, as opposed to the love-filled “NON-Christians”: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Po Pot, Idi Amin, Ghengis, etc., etc. Better take a refresher course besides the leftist BS spoon-fed to you at your “love-ins”…….(corrupt popes dispensing crusades don’t count- they’re as Christian as the latter!)

      • randal

        speaking of leftist BS, learn the history of the Crusades before spewing about ‘corrupt popes’…without the papacy Christianity would never have survived for 2,000 years

        • Mark

          Actually, I think Christianity has survived for over 2k years because of the Holy Spirit…not because of the Pope or anyone else for that matter!

          • ilovelogic

            hell yes!

      • Croaxleigh

        “leftist BS spoon-fed to you at your ‘love-ins'” Funny how you take offense to someone painting Christians with a wide brush and then do the exact same thing to other groups. Speaking of refresher courses, you might be surprised how often Hitler espoused his own faith and belief in God.

    • Bernard Cline

      Wow, Lisa clearly you do not understand Christians. To say that Christians are haters (or hateful) would be like saying the grass is purple, it could not be further from the truth. By Merriam-Webster Dcitionary definition alone a Christian is: one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christ believed in Peace so much so that died for every man, woman and child for all of time on the Planet Earth to save them so they could go to Heaven with they pass away. Now whether or not you believe in God and Jesus does not make their belief or that fact any less true and in doing so validates his love of mankind and belief in peace. This is the fundamental teaching and cornerstone of Christian Faith for Christians so your comment unfortunately for you shows your ignorace on the subject. For your sake in the future you should really be more knowledgable about what you say before you say it so you do not look silly to the 2.5 Billion Christains on Planet Earth that you just offended.

      • September Flanagan

        Bernard just because the definition of a word is one thing does not necessarily make the reality of it so. Especially in the case of something like religion which is nothing more then a personal belief – and before you respond please think about how you can possibly reconcile your comment with something like pedophile priests? You can define Christianity any way you want – but like many religions it is full of hypocrisy and half truths. Ideally people would be loving and kind and full of peace but historically that is not an accurate definition.

        • Bernard

          Actually that is where you are incorrect. You are criticizing the actions of a few on the population as a whole. Most priests are not like that and the thing you forget is even religious are human and flawed. I do not condone their action, obliviously, but they are not representative of the Christian Faith in those actions so you should not lump a few as the norm that was not what this was about. Christians are kind friendly considerate people who want nothing but good and yes they make mistakes and are flawed but do believe that if sincere God will forgive them. The same as every single human being on the planet the same as me and the same as you, have you thought about that? Have you reconciled that thought, I have and I know I’m not perfect but I do not judge. I respect that we will probably not agree but I also stood up for my Faith because I along with others were being stated in this article as haters and that is just not true for most. As usual people evaluate articles like this as absolute and that’s just not the case for most people. Most are somewhere in the middle on most issues in society and that is a fact. God Bless for the response you have your opinion and I have mine. That’s what makes this country great.

          • applesauce

            Aren’t the clergy representatives of the christian faith? The statement about most christians being kind friendly considerate people has no basis in fact, but neither does anything you people believe.

          • ilovelogic

            I believe it was the last Pope Benedic tthat said there were many christians who didn’t follow the beliefs they professed and he wished that only those who truly believed in the radical notion of putting yourself last and all others before yourself, living an authentic christian life would continue to call themselves christian. The title is applied way to liberally. If you don’t live as your faith demands then you are NOT a christian so don’t call yourself one. It should be a privelidge to call oneself a christian if people really lived it. Thats the problem. I know some really cool people that the way they believe really shapes their lives in awesome ways but I’ve seen the scum of the earth profess to be christian. Well dang it but you’re NOT if you don’t live it. Actions reveal who you are.

          • rjt777

            It’s called “projection” and “ad hominem” attacks and those loving tolerant liberal leftist socialist fascists ;-) do it to those they dis-agree with all the time.

        • deqf

          So by your reckoning all Muslims are bomb toting, little girl marrying terrorists?
          Or all atheists have had abortions?
          Just because a few do something does not make them representative of a whole.

          • September Flanagan

            That is not what I said deqf, my only purpose was to point out that a definition does not make it true. Are there bomb toting Muslims? You bet. Probably bomb toting Christians too. My point being exactly as you say – one does not equate a whole so why try to make something fall into one tidy definition? It is not possible and in fact is really detrimental to the majority of Christians (insert Muslims or whatever you want) who do try to live by the given definition of their faith.

    • yup

      Actually it won’t stop them. You are correct to say that the Christian God is a God of War. There will be MASS SLAUGHTER of unbelievers. Those that have refused His Grace, will find themselves wishing they had never been born. Noah is an illustration of God’s judgement on His (BTW it is HIS world) creation. It’s also a story of salvation but ONLY in the Ark (symbolic of Jesus Christ) Most of the world will not get it.
      Does God hate people? No. He is trying to save them, but they have chosen their own selfish and rebellious ways, and God hates the sin He will put an end to it all.
      So yes. There will be hatred and destruction to unbelievers who will burn forever. Aren’t God’s promises wonderful?
      Sweet dreams.

      • amplesauce

        you are a lunatic

        • yup

          Sweet dreams.

        • RicoSuave

          “you are a lunatic”. Wow, that’s the best you can get from peeps that dont have a clue about anything other than Miley or Glee

    • RicoSuave

      Hateful? That would best describe you, Lisa. Bigots like you will always exist, but we pray for your repentance to God.

    • Vinmiester

      Wow! Are you angry? Or just judgemental? That’s the impression your own words leave. You know, something like the pot calling the kettle black.

    • deqf

      Sounds to me like Lisa has a lot of hate and anger in her.

  • Lindsay

    We don’t see life as it is, we see it as we are, at that point in time. The same goes for the way we see people. People today see Christianity as a “religion”. Actually, the belief in Jesus Christ is not just a religion, it is a revelation; it cannot be given to anyone that is not open to the love of His touch. I pray that anyone out there looking for the true meaning of love, open your heart as well as your eyes and let Him do the talking.

  • yup

    I will reserve judgement on Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” until I have seen it, but my guess is that Aronofsky’s (who is a self-confessed Jewish unbeliever) will probably omit one of the main characters in the story. That person is God, Himself.
    Oh sure, there will be references to “the creator” and spooky visions and dreams, but I doubt that God will actually interact with Noah personally on a real interactive level, which is what Genesis describes in when it says Noah “waked with God” Gen. 6;9.
    I think the final “moral of the story” will be more of a secular environmental message (like Al Gore’s “global warming”) than the real message of sin and judgement told in the original lesson of Noah. Wonder if I am right?

  • bossysheryl

    Is Russell Crowe even Catholic?

    And are they also going to be approaching the patriarches and the archbishops of the Orthodox churches? How about the Archbisop of Canterbury, or the Queen? The bishops of the Lutheran, or Methodist, or Baptist churches?

    There have been a LOT Of tacky marketing schemes come out of Hollywood since Ashton Kutcher turned Twitter into a constant sales pitch for stupid people’s ideas, but TWEETING THE POPE? To come to your no doubt R-rated rip off of half a chapter of Genesis?

    Russell Crowe must have a huge piece of the back end of this mess. Sadly for him, not one person I know–even people who are fans of RC’s–is going to see it.

    • September Flanagan

      What’s wrong with tweeting the Pope? He tweets! I don’t personally but if the Pontiff utilizes the media why can’t Russell Crowe? I think that people will be surprised to find this is not going to be a ‘kind and gentle’ version of the story of Noah – maybe biased to the director’s view – but isn’t that what good movies are often about? When we think about Noah do we think of all those left behind to die in the flood? The hate and mistrust there must have been for those who wanted to get access but weren’t granted the same for whatever reason? In the end it is just a story passed down through time in a book written by man – because if anyone, Christian or otherwise believes there was ever (or ever will be) an ark large enough to carry 2 of every species on earth well let’s just say they need more then religion in their lives.

      • bossysheryl

        I seriously couldn’t care less about the movie. The previews look stupid, and I’m not particularly impressed by the director’s work in general.

        I just think that approaching a religious leader–ANY religious leader -to endorse your movie by offering a special screen is is ludicrous. And doing it via a Twitter campaign is just contemptible.

        • Steven Cannon

          …Maybe he’s just curious what a man like the pope thinks of the hundreds of hours of HARD WORK this man put into bringing a vision and dream to life… You know, common curiosity is usually what gets most men to think and dream big… Sure, the pope may or may not see the movie, but it’s one man’s personal wish… Haven’t you ever had crazy ideas or notions? You’re probably too repressed or afraid to act on them… My son wants to be the first American actor to play the role of Doctor Who… Who am I to tell him that will never happen? Some of our greatest achievements in the history of the world started by people telling someone “You can’t do that!” Or, “that’ll never work.” Just think if the Wright Brothers succumbed to that sort of ridiculous ideological thinking. We wouldn’t have airplanes, dumbass…

          I may not be a christian, and don’t believe in most of the bible stories, but there IS a passage in there I do agree with: It’s in Proverbs and it reads “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Thought is the basis for EVERYTHING That happens in a person’s life. You want to celebrate greatness, celebrate the fact that the creator gave us a share in the creation work. And you don’t get a choice about that, YOU ARE A CO-CREATOR… The only choice you have is WHAT sort of life you will create for yourself. And it starts with your thoughts…

  • Steve

    No way this will be better than Bill Cosby’s version…..

    • bossysheryl

      “How long can you tread water?”

      • rjt777

        LOL! remember that.

  • ilovelogic

    It’s really this simple.
    A person who professes to believe in Christ and follow his teachings yet doesn’t back that up with their lifestyle: Not Christian
    A person who professes to believe in Christ and despite not being perfect, tries his best to be a positive factor in the world he lives in by living the christian idea: Christian.
    You can call yourself anything. A person could say they love the New York and bombs it to pieces, clearly then, doesn’t. Words don’t mean a thing, it’s how you live that determines whether or not you deserve either the label or the title Christian.

  • baseballfan46

    actually its WHO you offended if the teacher who taugh you English knew what she was dong.

  • Rafael Centenera

    \(O) // #ZION

  • Guest

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