Sony Pictures Classics: Woody Allen ‘Deserves Our Presumption of Innocence’

Sony Pictures Classics: Woody Allen 'Deserves Our Presumption of Innocence'

The longtime distributor of Allen's films, including “Blue Jasmine,” calls molestation accusations “a very complicated situation”

Sony Pictures Classics, the longtime distributor of the films of Woody Allen, on Sunday stood by the director who was accused Saturday by Dylan Farrow of molesting her when she was 7.

“We have had a long, productive and rewarding relationship with Mr. Allen,” SPC said in a statement. “This is a very complicated situation and a tragedy for everyone involved. Mr. Allen has never been charged in relationship to any of this, and therefore deserves our presumption of innocence.

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“Films are major efforts of collaboration. There are scores of artists and craftspeople behind ‘Blue Jasmine.’ We support and celebrate their extraordinary work here, and count ‘Blue Jasmine’ as a major achievement of Mr. Allen's career.”

SPC has distributed Allen's last seven films, including “Blue Jasmine,” for which he is nominated for an original screenplay Oscar. The company is scheduled to handle his next movie, “Magic in the Moonlight,” as well.

  • spike

    one did crank, the other molests kids. the hell with both of them.
    Sony Dictures Classics is in the Woody Allen business and they're not about to let Dylan Farrow ruin their cash cow. money-grubbing osrtriches with their heads in the sand. maybe she doesn't WANT to press charges. Woody, you deserve a 50 million dollar lawsuit from her. Hey, Wood's psychoanalyst, you incompetent bozo. did you know about this his “problem”? why didn't you do anything to get him out of that life? oh. too busy making money from him (like Sony Dictures Classics)? sorry, boys, YOUR hour is up.

  • Julia

    The problem with your article, Mr. Cunningham, is that you are reporting a falsity. As stated by legal mastermind Vincent Bugliosi (prosecutor of Charles Manson), the legal “presumption of innocence” in a criminal case does not apply OUTSIDE of the courtroom. Mr. Allen only deserves the presumption of innocence INSIDE the courtroom if he were ever charged. OUTSIDE of the courtroom, all reasonable people should look at the fact that Mia Farrow discovered NUDE photos of their 20-year-old adopted daughter, Soon-Yi, IN Allen's possession, and to which Allen ADMITTED an affair, months BEFORE the molestation allegations by their 7-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan, were revealed. Isn't it more likely, and more reasonable outside the courtroom, that a man sick enough to begin an affair with his adopted 20-year-old DAUGHTER, whom he would later MARRY, would have also molested another of his children? Are we really to believe that Mr. Allen didn't start his disgustingly inappropriate relationship with his daughter/wife Soon-Yi until after she was 18? Are we really to believe that a man who marries his own adopted daughter when she is barely an adult did not molest her or his other daughter? If Mia Farrow coaxed Dylan to allege abuse, did she also somehow coax Soon-Yi to go so far as marry Allen years after Dylan's allegation? The mere fact that he later MARRIED he own ADOPTED DAUGHTER is more than enough for us to judge and condemn Mr. Allen OUTSIDE of court. Before you write more stories like this, and your article where Mr. Allen himself calls the allegations “disgraceful,” I suggest you remember that Mr. Allen proved to the world that he had crossed the lines of morality and decency when he MARRIED his CHILD.

  • cltaylor

    Riiiiiight, because 1. Sony needs people to buy the DVD of his latest film and 2. because doing and eventually marrying his adopted daughter was not at all twisted and perverted that we can somehow presume he didn't attempt to get intimate with others in the clan. Mia, you're not doing your job (protecting your children hard enough – send this F to prison!)

  • Franca Condo

    the Farrows are sick. Its total bullshit. I know so many women that have made up claims. Woody is innocent.