Dailies | Stephen Colbert Calls Obama a Quitter, Demands Military Surge Everywhere (Video)

Stephen Colbert Calls Obama a Quitter, Demands Military Surge Everywhere (Video)

“The Colbert Report” host accuses president of cutting and running after a mere 8 years

President Obama is under attack for what Defense Secretary Robert Gates has characterized as a lack of commitment to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His charges are getting a resounding amen from Stephen Colbert.

The charges come in Gates’ new memoir “Duty” and they give fodder to critics of the president, who argue that setting a timetable for withdrawal in the two war-torn regions emboldened America's enemies.

“Al Qaeda wouldn't have come back if the president hadn't abandoned Iraq after a mere 8 years,” “The Colbert Report” host noted on Monday's show.

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“I for one was shocked – shocked — that Obama flew to Baghdad to set a withdrawal date back in 2008 and even more shocked that he did it wearing a President Bush mask,” Colbert fumed, showing a picture of what appeared to be Obama's predecessor hammering out the details of a possible withdrawal.

“The guy is a quitter,”  he concluded.”If Obama had been around during the 100 Years War, it would have been 50 years tops.”

So what to do? “The Colbert Report” host suggested that America's troops should break out the fatigues for the long haul, as he advocated more or less a state of constant war.

“I am calling for a surge into the unstable region of everywhere,” Colbert advised.

“I'm not suggesting anything permanent,” he clarified. “Our troops will leave the moment we're sure no one will ever hurt anyone else again. After that we'll rape the seas, imprison the wind and count every star. Anything is possible.”

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  • JumpyGathers

    As usual, the Obama loving, flaming liberal, Colbert, attacks anyone who disagrees with our Dear Leader with his supposedly funny, sarcastic, back door attacks. You could put a Chris Matthews mask on Colbert, and nobody would know the difference. Anybody that is still defending this empty-suit president of ours should be sentenced to appear only on MSNBC

    • Ryan Sebrasky

      republicans are useless, see

    • Bradleyhank

      Wow a conservative that actually got the fact that Colbert was satirizing. Are there any funny conservative comedians out there?. Dennis Miller used to be funny. Then he got on Fox news and started laughing with Billy O at his own dumb jokes.
      Actually Rush Limbaugh is pretty funny if you think about it.