Dailies | Stephen Colbert Confesses GOP Obamacare Fight an Elaborate April Fool's Joke (Video)

Stephen Colbert Confesses GOP Obamacare Fight an Elaborate April Fool's Joke (Video)

“You should see your face,” “The Colbert Report” host chortles

Stephen Colbert kicked off the month of April with sad tidings on Tuesday's edition of “The Colbert Report.”

“I wish I could come to you with some good news, but the worst imaginable thing has happened,” Colbert said. “Millions of Americans are going to get healthcare.”

Yes, the White House's announcement that 7.1 million Americans have signed up for insurance coverage before the deadline for Obamacare went into effect, robbed Colbert of a favorite target.

“Apparently this last minute scramble was all thanks to young adults signing up at higher rates,” Colbert said. “No one could have foreseen that college kids would put something off until the last minute.”

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And yet, what if Colbert and his conservative friends’ constant harping about the evils of the Affordable Care Act were part of an elaborate April Fool's Day joke?

“Obviously fighting Obamacare was a four year prank, I can't believe you bought it,” Colbert said. “Why would we be the only western industrialized nation without access to affordable healthcare?”

“This is priceless, you should see your face,” he chortled.

Watch the video:

  • Brian Lm

    What a load of propaganda. I had insurance, it's gone now. Now if I want it back my premiums are more than doubled. I'm 38 and I'm not signing up for Obamacare and I haven't met NOT ONE PERSON who told me that their insurance went down in price. I don't care what the repubs or dems say, all I know is that the cost of my insurance has gone up.