Stephen Colbert Under Fire for ‘Ching Chong Ding Dong’ Asian Tweet

Stephen Colbert Under Fire for 'Ching Chong Ding Dong' Asian Tweet

Satire-averse tweeters quickly make #CancelColbert a trending hashtag

Satirical comedian Stephen Colbert drew harsh criticism for being a satirical comedian on Thursday, after a tweet from his show's Twitter account was criticized as racist by some members of the Twitter community.

The tweet, since deleted from the account, read, “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever,” Mediaite reports.

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The tweet sprang from a segment on Colbert's Comedy Central show “The Colbert Report” during which Colbert, a satirical comedian whose on-air persona is a clueless, conservative buffoon, lampooned Washington Redskins owner  Dan Snyder's mock-worthy statement that he was keeping the NFL team's name intact, despite accusations that the name is racist. Snyder announced that, in addition to retaining the moniker, he was spearheading an organization to benefit Native Americans.

That fact apparently eluded many members of the esteemed Twitter community, who quickly let their fingers do the walking and made #CancelColbert a trending Twitter hashtag.

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A rep for Comedy Central has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment  — possibly because they're busy trying to make #SatireEludesSomeTwitterUsers a trending hashtag.

  • Austin Egnor-Keil

    Wow, and people ask why I don't call myself a progressive liberal.

    • David

      People on the far left are just as clueless as people on the far right, sad but true.

      • Austin Egnor-Keil

        And that's a very sad reality, which is why I identify as a moderate. I personally am able to see the good and bad in every political issue through research, while a great number of folk choose to follow one side without looking at the entire spectrum.

        I don't want to sound selfish or anything, but there really should be more people out in the world like me, especially in politics.

        • chrisk

          careful not to pat yourself on the back too hard!

        • Dale Latimer

          Sure, but wouldn't it be nice to have a Wa(r)shington office?

  • ThreeRing

    What a bunch of irony-impaired dicks.

  • A native person


    Wait, does this mean he was “politically correct” anyways? That's all dat matters on Lib Central Channel #107

  • costume

    The hilarious part of this story of course is that the same ultra sensitivity to anything racial that has people aghast at the Washington Redskins is now getting people to call Colbert a racist. Of course he'd say he's not one but he doesn't get to make those decisions. Enjoy Stephen.

  • Aaronxisonfire

    Since when is comedy every politically correct?

  • David

    The irony is that the tweeters share the same political views as Colbert does, the difference is that he thinks before he acts.

  • NotFromThisPlanet

    So people are mad at the racism towards the Asian community, but give no fucks about the racism towards the Native American community; and the racial slur “Redskins”. The human race baffles me some times.

    • Drew

      As someone who lives in the area, TRUST ME, plenty of people are giving tons of fucks about the dumb name. It's a name that a) has not been used with any connotation good or bad for about 200 years and b) Native Americans gave themselves, not a big deal and people should not be so sensitive. Irony here is that Colbert was making a joke about how insensitive my side of the argument is and ends up getting speared by another overreaction by the ultrasensitive PC crowd he had intended to back, lol.

    • DavidisALLright

      Yup. This is the state of the internet discourse.

  • Nesta

    everyone wants their power base and “special word”

  • reppez

    It's a beautiful thing to watch when someone in the holier than thou crowd proves that they are holier than no one.

  • Brad Zane

    This is a comedic news show like the Young Turks. Stephen Corbert is a comedian and very funny. His show isn't suppose to be taken as serious as CNN or Fox. It's all in fun and really, if his show is going to be cancelled for a joke or comment then all of Nick Cannon's shows should be cancelled for his Connor Smallnut whitely character. This idiot is in full make up as a white guy, trying to look white, act white and talk white. Cannon's publicity stunt is the most embarrassing, racial and insulting thing in entertainment…period and no one says anything. So punish Nick “I have a career because I married Mariah Carey” Cannon before you go after Stephen Colbert. The rules should apply to everyone

  • mmedinacat

    This is a joke and I find it HILARIOUS. If we can't laugh at ourselves, then we are in trouble.

  • Robert Snyder

    I watch Colbert a lot and he definitely can get folks Pissed off!!! But the reality he is of course the absolute opposite of what he says.

  • JimTreacher

    If only liberals were so sanguine about the name of an NFL team…

  • James

    Please tell me how someone is being disparaged by use of the the term Ching Chong Ding Dong? How is this “racist”? Racism is the idea that one race is superior or inferior to another. This is not conveyed by using Ching Chong Ding Dong. Nor is it racist to say that a black person loves fried chicken (another statement that does not actually disparage but people are ready to throw down the gauntlet over).