Sundance: Lindsay Lohan to Star in, Produce Psychological Thriller ‘Inconceivable’

Lindsay Lohan Press Conference At Social Film Loft - 2014 Park City

Emmett/Furla Films held a press conference to announce it is producing the $5 million movie, which heads into production in March

Lindsay Lohan has signed on to star in and produce Emmett/Furla Films’ psychological thriller “Inconceivable,” which she will also produce, the company announced Monday at Sundance.

Lionsgate’s Grindstone division will release “Inconceivable” in New York and Los Angeles before the film heads to VOD and DVD. While plot details remain under wraps, production on the $5 million movie is scheduled to start in March.

As a producer, Lohan will be involved with choosing a director, who should be hired before the end of the month. The 27 year-old actress descended upon Park City to participate in a press conference announcing her involvement.

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Despite her recent legal troubles and personal problems, Lohan has been insured by the project’s insurance company, which had the authority to stand in the way of her ability to star in the movie.

Lohan would love to work with Jessica Lange and Juliette Lewis, but neither actress is involved with the project at the time.

Lohan most recently starred opposite porn actor James Deen in Paul Schrader’s campy indie film “The Canyons,” which she also executive produced. The film earned little more than a paltry $50,000 in theaters, though it did find an audience on VOD.

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Emmett/Furla recently produced Universal’s hit war movie “Lone Survivor,” which has already grossed more than $77 million in the U.S. and earned a WGA nominator for Peter Berg.

Lohan is represented by Resolution and Untitled Entertainment.

  • hupto

    “star in and produce Emmett/Furla Films’ psychological thriller “Inconceivable,” which she will also produce”

    So she’s producing, I imagine.

  • spike

    i’ll tell ya what’s INCONCEIVABLE: that she, as a producer, trusts herself, as an actress, not to get thrown in jail or too blitzed to act, while she’s shooting the movie. ah, what a gal. this’ll be a fun ride. talk about a breaking story. and the insurance company? they didn’t demand some kind of surety bond from emmet/furla? boy, they’re on the serious hook if they didn’t.

    • james travassos

      her beauty will carry her anywhere she wants to go. think about her total past, and don’t dwell on the negative, and you will realize what I said is true!

  • playacher

    So… cheap casting stunt to get attention for the project, eh? Wait til that crack fiend bites this company in the ass. Good luck!

  • Cyrus Weinstein

    Silent squirrel eating orange film acquired after all night negotiating session…

  • Jamison

    I wish Lindsay Lohan the absolute best , but right now she is damaged goods . Why would any sane business person and insurer want to be in business with her ? You have many talented actresses that can’t cut a break , but let’s continue to give Lohan many breaks .