USA Orders Reality Comedy ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ (Video)

USA Orders Reality Comedy 'Chrisley Knows Best' (Video)


Eight episodes will follow family of Atlanta millionaire

USA Network has ordered eight episodes of the new half-hour original reality series “Chrisley Knows Best” about fussy Atlanta self-made multimillionaire Todd Chrisley, who tries to provide his family a perfect Southern life.

Chrisley runs his family like his business — “with an iron fist,” says USA. Brandishing sass and and a gift for insults, he keeps his kids in line with brutally honest parenting.

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Though he's made his money in real estate, he now wants to move into fashion — and personally approves every item of clothing his children wear.

The series, produced by Maverick TV and All3Media America, is slated to premiere with two back-to-back episodes on USA on Tuesday, March 11 at 10/9c. E! will broadcast encore presentations of each new episode on Sundays at 10:30/9:30c beginning March 16. “Chrisley Knows Best” is a working title.

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“‘Chrisley Knows Best’ is a broad family comedy that is a modern version of Father Knows Best with the volume turned way up” said Heather Olander, senior vice president of alternative programming for USA Network. “While their lifestyle is over-the-top and their personalities are larger-than-life, the Chrisleys are a very close-knit family who are refreshingly honest and genuinely funny.”

The family includes “super mom” Julie, as well as daughter Julie, who stuns her parents with news of her elopement and pregnancy. Son Kyle, whose parents shipped him off to Samoa to work with the Red Cross when he was caught with a married woman, is now roommates with his grandmother.

Chase, 17, is a mini version of his dad, and 16-year-old Savannah is a pageant queen boasts with a 4.2 grade point average: Grayson, 7, can gets away with almost everything.

The show is produced by Maverick TV and All3Media America, with Adam Greener, Jim Sayer, and Stephanie Bloch Chambers serving as executive producers. Annie Kate Pons is a supervising producer.

Watch the video:

  • missnadine

    It's obvious chrisley is gay but is his wife a drag queen or a man?

  • Bombshell

    Ummm so he is going into fashion is he going to come out of the closet at some point! It's pretty blatant and I never understand how the family members don't question this! I saw a little clip of the wife saying he is a metrosexual but it is actually something else!

  • Reese

    This guy is flaming.

  • Cheryl Hawsey

    REALLY!!!! USA, I thought your channel was above this TLC “crap” TV. If you want to put something good on your schedule, pick up the AMC cancelled series The Glades. I enjoy most of your series and that would be a good addition, not The Chrisleys,

  • Bill Ward

    This dude is so gay. Nothing wrong with being gay unless your in denial about it and want us to think you are not gay. Then he should be ridiculed.

  • Jenifer 10us

    That looks like a hot ass mess, he is gay, momma is in denial and those kids are seem like spoiled brats. Nope won't be watching that show!!!!!

    • Jenifer 10us

      I should add I don't care if he were gay or not, his controlling nature is what would drive me nuts! He HAS to approve what his family wears???? Who the hell has that kind of time everyday? Does he monitor their food intake, poop schedules and phone calls as well? He is too much to take in

      • Lola

        Actually he does monitor his kids phone calls, texts, and internet activity, they also have gps tracking on their phones and cars. And his children aren't allowed to go to football games without permission given several days in advance or without the parents. His kids basically have no freedom. And they all must remain a size 4-6. Though his wife doesn't look like she's that size. He is insanely overbearing and crazy and has non sense of value, he threw his sons mac book air into the pool because he didn't like his activities. No wonder his kids are sick of him, I would be too.

  • unknown user

    Since mr. Chrisley makes millions now maybe he could pay the people that worked on his home and had to deal with him.

  • B

    Is this really what society has come to? People actually want to watch this crap? Talk about brainless brain dead people with no clue about real life.

  • Nope

    Gay or southern. Hard to tell the difference.

    • Honesty

      I'm sorry but just because he's southern doesn't mean he has to prance around as he does. Though his sexuality is not an issue with me it's just that he's portraying a family gay and he's obviously a mother.

  • keckie38

    This show is fun nee! I think if Todd IS gay he will never come out, his family is the priority, not his sexuality.

  • LKing0623

    Ok, we are supposed to watch this clearly disfunctional family with a pregnant daughter and a son that is with a married woman. Good luck with that. I know that we all make our decisions but how can you market a man that can a closeted gay man with out of control children. Also, why won't this family let their own son to move back in? Talk about being so completely judgmental. If these kids were mine, they would know I support them and they can be back in my house anytime. We all make mistakes and we make great decisions.

  • Unknown

    Am i the only one who thinks his son is gay?

    • Honesty

      no you are not I am so with you on this dad and son both fairy boys.

  • Doug Daden

    Chrisley is just like Mr Queermo from southpark…..Im going slap happy !! lol

  • BoBuck

    chrissley needs to hook up with bachmann's hubby, and have a bromance on the down low.. both are flammers

  • numerous

    Get your info correct. Andwhy do you all think he's gay, maybe he's metrosexual

    • Big Dangler

      Maybe he is a metrosexual that likes a little sausage slid up poop shoot two or three times a day.

  • R3d Five

    The message this show seems to deliver is text while driving and deny who you really are, great message for country! Apparently this type of thing is a common occurrance in the south with his neighbors saying “he's just light in the loafers” which I thought meant “he's gay!” Ask his ex employees about what he wanted to do with them in the mens room!

  • Herry

    The guy has a son who I'd a drunk and a drug addict. He also got a young girl pregnant. Maybe he just wants the others not to suffer the same mistakes. He is trying to protect them.