Weather Channel's Jim Cantore Knees a Heckler in the Crotch on Live Television (Video)

Weather Channel's Jim Cantore Knees a Heckler in the Crotch on Live Television (Video)

Jim Cantore weathered a category five heckler on Tuesday night's broadcast

During Tuesday night's Weather Channel coverage of Winter Storm Leon, Jim Cantore was broadcasting live from the College of Charleston when he was attacked by a shrieking heckler. “Yeeeeeeaaaaah!” screamed the young rabble rouser before Cantore kneed him in the groin.

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Unfazed by this non-weather related disturbance, Cantore finished his live shot, deadpanning, “Obviously here at the College of Charleston, they're already having a good time!”

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“Things like this are known to happen. In fact, something similar happened to Eric Fisher, former meteorologist for The Weather Channel, during Hurricane Irene,” explained Weather Channel spokeswoman  Jazmine Maddox. “Our meteorologists are out in severe weather to provide the best coverage and keep people informed and aware of the power of weather.”

Watch Jim Cantore's jujitsu move below:

  • Jonas Grumby


  • John V. Knowles

    Nice link bait. With that headline I expected the kid to be writhing on the floor afterwards; it looks like he didn't even get hit in the groin.

  • jack hawley

    just once I would love to see one of these moronic hecklers get punched out for being the spoiled and ignorant jerks that they are, however, we know mommy and daddy would sue so quickly for the damage to their “time out baby”.

  • dukedeltree

    To bad he didn't mace the little shit… Now that would be funny, i don't care who you are!

  • Billy Boy

    Like a boss.

  • Nunya Bizniz

    While he was able to run away, the heckler seemed to lose the ability to continue to make that stupid noise. It was probably attributed to the fact his eyes popped out their sockets and he could no longer breathe. That was fun to watch.

  • Mario Monroy

    Well done Mr. Cantore !!! That was cool and well deserved.