Dailies | Wes Anderson Teaches Us to Cook ‘Grand Budapest’ Dessert in New Short (Video)

Learn how to cook the legendary desert from Zubrowka’s premiere patisserie

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” broke box-office records in its opening weekend, and now you can recreate a key part of the film in your own oven.

Writer-director Wes Anderson has released a new short film to go along with his latest feature that teaches you how to cook the popular courtesan au chocolat from Mendl’s, a bakery featured prominently in the film. Ralph Fiennes‘ character had a particular weakness for this elaborate desert.

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Here is the official synopsis: “The staff at Mendl’s, Zubrowka’s premiere patisserie, show you how to make their legendary ‘courtesan au chocolat,’ as enjoyed by M. Gustave and all those at The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

“Hotel,” which stars Fiennes, Saoirse Ronan, F. Murray Abraham and Adrien Brody, is in limited release in both Los Angeles and New York.

  • noncon

    Dessert, people. Dessert.

  • John De Salvio

    Yeah. I was wondering how much more cooking a desert needed. Maybe the Gobi Desert is colder…

  • muffee

    wow. spelling police are out. be careful!

    this video is mouth-watering, wonderful. thank you. love everything, from the (preferably blue) icing to the music. thank you!

    • noncon

      This isn’t a high school publication. We’re talking basic editing or even (gasp) pride in one’s language. But, clearly, The Wrap is either oblivious or shameless; otherwise, they’d have fixed it by now.