What's The Deal With Jeff Sneider: Why is Bill Murray Busier Than Ever? (Video)

The mercurial funnyman has more live-action movies in 2014 than ever before

Is Bill Murray getting bored with celebrity golf? Found a new vigor for acting? Or does he just need a new roof on his house?

TheWrap's Jeff Sneider can't help but notice that he's busier than he's ever been — and can't help but ask … what's the deal?


  • AJ

    ‘funnyman'?… this guys is funny to a dead (or soon to be) generation and the small group of Ghostbusters fans. Nobody else gives a damn.

  • newswhore

    Bill Murray is a god. He rocks. Jeff Sneider on the other hand, does not. And the opening needs…anything…to make it better. Try more cowbell, or a mullet.