What's the Deal With Jeff Sneider: ‘Entourage’ Cast Holdouts Delay Film (Video)

TheWrap's film reporter Jeff Sneider discusses plot details and issues advice to creator Doug Ellin

Warner Bros. greenlit the “Entourage” movie back in January but now it's September and there hasn't been much movement.

In TheWrap‘s latest installment of What's The Deal?, film reporter Jeff Sneider investigates the rumor that one or multiple cast members are dragging out negotiations, holding out in hopes of scoring a major payday.

There were “no comments” all around from talent reps and Warner Bros, which has extra incentive to make the movie because it received a significant tax credit from the California Film Commission, though that also means there's a ticking clock attached.Not to mention the fact that it's been two years since the series ended, and the more time that passes, the less desire there is for an “Entourage” movie.

Watch the video for plot details and Sneider's advice to creator Doug Ellin, who has clearly been frustrated with the moviemaking process, judging by his tweets.

  • Caley McGuire

    Piven's got a career. The others are lucky to be offered more work. .

    • moviedemon

      I agree. They're not in a position to negotiate. They need to take what's been offered and make the movie while there's anybody left who still cares.

      • strega2012

        Gonna guess that what? 6 seasons of SAG dvd residuals and foreign sales have made all of them quite comfy, if not filthy rich.

  • strega2012

    Sounds like the other don't want to be in “An Ari Gold” movie.