10 ‘Sesame Street’-HBO Crossovers That Need to Happen Now: ‘Blue Detective’ to ‘Taxicab Confections’

TheWrap explores the synergistic possibilities of Big Bird and crew’s move to premium cable

Thursday’s news that beloved children’s program “Sesame Street” will air on HBO for the next five seasons was met with as much befuddlement as it was relief. Sure, the partnership will provide the funding to keep Big Bird and crew on the air, but does “Sesame Street” really belong on a channel known for edgy comedies and sex- and violence-stuffed dramas?

But the coupling isn’t as odd as it might at first seem. After all, the two worlds have collided before, in the form of “Sesame Street” parodies “Birdwalk Empire” and “Game of Chairs.”

In the interest of further synergy, TheWrap presents 10 crossovers to bring “Sesame Street” and HBO even closer together.


“Meep”: Former lab assistant Beaker attempts to run the country, hobbled by a hostile Congress and a one-word vocabulary.

“Taxicab Confections”: Cab driver Cookie Monster persuades passengers to share treats when they’re not administering backseat blowjobs.


“Blue Detective”: A pair of furry cops dive deep into society’s underbelly in search of clues, and cookie crumbs.

“Last Week’s Trash Tonight With Oscar”: Think John Oliver is a master trash-talker? Wait until the Street’s resident grouch takes the stage.

Entourage copy

“Erntourage”: Happy-go-lucky TV star Ernie navigates fame on Sesame Street while accompanied by his loyal pals/lackeys, including a unibrowed hothead named Bert and a rubber duck.

“Gulls”: Big Bird and his circle of feathered friends from the watery side of town suffer awkward sexual encounters while fumbling toward adulthood.

“The Soprelmos”:  Don’t believe this guy when he tells you he loves you — underneath it all he’s a real monster.


“Oz(car)”:  Grouch-supremacist, Muslim gay homophobe beats, rapes and sparks riots on Sesame Street block.

“Count Blood”: The Count and his sexy werewolf friends sleep with each other and also drink blood .. or something.


“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 … 11, 12 Feet Under”: The Count uses dead bodies now piling up on Sesame Street to teach kids numerals in this “The Wire” spin-off. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!