2023 CES: 5 Biggest Trends Everyone Will Talking About in Las Vegas | PRO Insight

Your cheat sheet to the hot topics in tech, media and entertainment that will be discussed in the annual convention’s halls and events

CES 2023 preview Dall-E
What to expect from CES 2023. (Dall-E)

It’s that time of year again. CES in Vegas, baby! Can’t think of a better place to nurse our collective New Year’s Eve hangovers. CES always jump starts the year, but rarely this early. Just when we were beginning to feel refreshed from our much-needed R&R during the holidays, WHAM! CES’s whirlwind hits us this year in its first week. 

To help you stop the panic and help you prepare for this annual rite of passage, I’ve assembled this “cheat sheet” of five hot topics and trends to watch and discuss — all related to the worlds of media and entertainment tech — as you weave your way around the massive convention halls and overindulge on complimentary food and drink at your business colleague’s soirees.