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’22 Jump Street’ Trailer Replaces Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum With Their Stand-Ins (Video)

We’re not sure the sequel would be quite as big a hit without its stars, but this version still looks funny

In keeping with the meta theme of “22 Jump Street” Sony Pictures has released a version of the film’s trailer featuring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum‘s stand-ins.

Ivan Hoey Jr. (funny name!) served as Hill’s stand-in, and a pretty good one at that, while Brad Cookus served as Tatum’s stand-in, though we doubt anyone would mistake him for the “Magic Mike” star in real life.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller directed the hit sequel, which is on pace to gross around $62 million this weekend, which would be the second-biggest opening ever for an R-rated comedy.

This trailer is pretty much the exact same as the real one, it just features an alternate cast, though the original stars’ voices remain.

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Like “22 Jump Street,” it’s a silly but inspired idea, so watch the video to see what it might look like if you suddenly found yourself going undercover on a college campus.