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’22 Jump Street’ WrapOff Review: ‘There’s A Fairly Touching Homoerotic Undertone’ (Video)

Is Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s sequel twice the laughs? TheWrap’s Lucas Shaw and Jeff Sneider break it down (literally and figuratively)

Sony’s hotly-anticipated comedy “22 Jump Street” hits theaters Thursday night but TheWrap’s film reporters Jeff Sneider and Lucas Shaw had the opportunity to see the sequel earlier this week, and they both came away relieved that it lived up to the hilarious first film.

In the video above, Sneider and Shaw assume Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum‘s heroic identities as tank top-wearing, gun-toting college students Schmidt and Jenko, and deliver the only review on the Internet that features beat poetry.

Sure, Sneider and Shaw are supposed to be professionals, but there’s something about the “Jump Street” franchise that brings out the wacky in both of them, so watch the video and have a laugh alongside these two goofballs.

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