3 Things Kato Kaelin Hasn’t Been Doing Since the O.J. Trial

Famous houseguest is still great at just hanging out. In fact, he’s made it a business

What’s Kato Kaelin been up to since the first O.J. Simpson trial? Details interviewed him to mark the 20th anniversary of the white Bronco chase, and it turns out the man who became famous by just hanging around is still great at not doing things.

That’s not to say Simpson’s former houseguest doesn’t have some interesting projects, including a line of clothes for couch potatoes cleverly called Kato’s Potatoes. But perhaps more notable — and even laudable — are the things Kaelin isn’t doing. Here are three of them.

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1. Keeping up with the Kardashians. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian fathered E!’s favorite family, and Kaelin remembers when they were kids. But they pretend not to know him now, he says.

“When I lived in Nicole Simpson’s guesthouse, they would all come in — Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney — and jump on the bed and wake me up early.  They were like, ‘Kato, let’s have fun.’” he told Details. “Later, the Kardashians were sort of snooty to me. I was on the list to do some charity poker event with them, and someone called and said, ‘No, we can’t let you in.’ But yeah, I knew Kim when she was this big. And that was just her ass!”

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2. Going to Saudi Arabia. “Once, I was at dinner with Larry King, and — I’ll never forget it — we were with a sheikh all night,” Kaelin recalled. “He offered me $10 million to go back to Saudi Arabia with him.  He wasn’t kidding. I think he just wanted to hang out. I turned it down.”

3. Joining Jay Leno‘s fan club. “I always liked Letterman. The way he made fun of me was innocuous enough that I’d always laugh,” said Kaelin. “Leno was different. He was mean-spirited. He had me on once and later said on the ‘Today’ show it was a big mistake.  I guess America didn’t like it. But I don’t like to focus on the negatives.”