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‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Plunders $20.2 Million in Foreign Markets

The film epic storms the United Kingdom, Mexico and more than 50 major markets

“300: Rise of an Empire” stormed the international box office Friday, adding $20.2 million to its plunder.

The film unspooled on over 14,400 screens in 58 markets, including the United Kingdom, Mexico and Russia. Since debuting on Wednesday, the sword and sandals sequel has grossed $32.8 million overseas. Domestically, it has also performed well, taking in $17.7 million from U.S. theaters on Friday.

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The sequel’s strong numbers are impressive because seven years have passed since “300” first marched into theaters. The deaths of many of the first film’s major characters means that the follow-up focuses on a fresh batch of defenders of the Greek mainland, although the Persians are still the villains. The abs are just as defined as they were the last time.

In the United Kingdom, the film debuted at number one, pulling in $1.6 million from 955 screens. Mexican audiences made the film the third biggest March debut in its country’s history, adding $1.4 million on 1,780 screens to its haul. In Korea, “300: Rise of an Empire” scored $1.46 million from 900 screens, while in Russia it took in $1.5 million on 1,441 screens. Other markets included Brazil, where it made off with $1.3 million, and Germany, where it enjoyed a $1.25 million Friday.

The film is a co-production of Warner Bros. and Legendary, one of the last remnants of a production deal between the former partners that ended last year. Legendary has entered a new agreement with Universal Pictures.