Creative Content Studio 3AM Launches L.A.-Based TikTok Studio (Exclusive)

The expansion follows strong metrics for their “Handmaid’s Tale” and “House of Gucci” social campaigns

Creative content studio 3AM, part of entertainment marketing firm Wild Card Creative Group, is launching a new TikTok studio to give clients access to “world-class, bespoke solutions and support the creator class,” the company announced Thursday.

The Los Angeles-based 3AM TikTok studio will cater to creators and digital marketing teams looking to find and grow fan engagement. It will be staffed by a collective of “strategists, creatives and makers” available to partner with clients and creators from concept to execution.

The studio is looking to build social media follower momentum it reported with “The Handmaid’s Tale” TikTok channel, which became Hulu’s top scripted series channel on the platform. 3AM also partnered with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences to launch a branded TikTok channel. It generated more than 1 million likes and 4 million views within the first six months.

3AM has also collaborated with UA Releasing for Lady Gaga’s TikTok channel to promote the “House of Gucci,” attracting 140,000 fans and 2 million likes during the two-month campaign, the company said in a statement.

“Increasing engagement through worldbuilding is at the heart of everything we do because we believe it’s critical to driving and sustaining fan loyalty,” said Tara DeVeaux, 3AM’s managing director. “With the launch of our TikTok Studio, we will continue to expand our partnership with TikTok to help drive audience participation in our client’s worlds.”

DeVeaux added that since “TikTok has been the new frontier for engaging with fandoms and building communities, we believe the right TikTok strategy can turn fans into collaborators co-creating immersive experiences and we’re excited to dive into this platform more extensively.”

3AM’s studio will provide a “full range of capabilities” across strategy, creative and production as it doubles down on TikTok, which it says is a platform situated to foster the “next generation of storytellers who play an integral role in defining culture and entertainment.”