5 Times ‘Star Wars’ Fans Have Been Screwed Out of Seeing ‘The Force Awakens,’ So Far

Or in one case, screwed themselves out of seeing Disney’s highly-anticipated revival of George Lucas’ blockbuster franchise

Star Wars The Force Awakens

“Star Wars” fans are flocking to theaters to see “The Force Awakens” in record numbers, but an unlucky minority of them are learning that nothing in life is guaranteed — even if they bought a ticket months ago.

Horror stories are popping up around the web about die-hard fans across the country getting screwed out of screenings of Episode VII, or in one hilarious Fandango ticket purchase fail, screwing themselves out of seeing the most anticipated movie of the year, which has already grossed over $100 million domestically since previews began Thursday night.

If you weren’t able to secure a ticket for opening weekend, or perhaps just don’t have the time, let these five examples of fans getting screwed out of screenings remind you that things could be worse.

Superfan thinks he’s going to see an early VIP screening of “The Force Awakens,” but wait, it’s just a prank

Watch the video above to see the elaborate prank caught on camera by YouTube channel Rooster Teeth.

Bomb threats are bad news, especially if you were in the middle of watching one of the first screenings of “The Force Awakens” 


NBC News reported that a New Jersey theater was evacuated Friday morning after a series of threatening notes were discovered inside the men’s room. Even worse for the theater, it was the second time this week it told paying customers to get out over safety concerns. The theater was reportedly shut down for a little more than two hours. It reopened after authorities found no explosives or credible threat, but at least they found a sense of humor.

Fire alarm forced Los Angeles Fire Department to evacuate Pacific’s The Grove Stadium 14 on Thursday night — the alarm was false, but the fear (of not seeing “Star Wars”) was real

The incident awakened their anger, too.

A projector malfunction also enraged those excited to experience “The Force Awakens” for the first time since the last of George Lucas‘ disappointing prequels

Projector at Star Wars midnight 3D show at the Arclight ruined, stopped, then started again towards the end of the movie. The movie was spoiled and everyone in the theater went crazy. NBC LA ArcLight Cinemas ABC7 Disney J. J. Abrams Oscar Isaac Star Wars Star Wars: The Force Awakens Posted by Erik Melendez on Friday, December 18, 2015
The screams of horror were all caught on camera when a projector at ArcLight Cinemas' Hollywood location stopped working. According to witness Erik Melendez, "everyone in the theater went crazy." The video (above) he posted on Facebook proves he was not exaggerating. [contextual-link post_id="764986" title="Also Read" link_title="Critics' Choice Awards Considers Adding 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' to Best Picture Nominees" target="_blank"] "Star Wars" fan is super excited to see "The Force Awakens" at midnight, but super-duper pissed when someone on Facebook informs him his ticket is actually for 12 p.m. the next day Star Wars Fan Fail Fandango Ticket College Humor found this social media gem, in which a Facebook user who is actually promising to spoil the movie for those who don't care to see it on opening day gets a healthy dose of Karma.

The Facebook user dumb enough to accidentally buy a ticket for a screening taking place during his work hours begged, "EVERYBODY STOP. THIS ISN'T FUNNY."

Those delighting in his misery did not listen. Read the rest of the comments here.

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