8 Questions With ‘Scandal’ Star Kerry Washington: Emmy Nominee Quickie

The star of ABC’s sudsy drama is a strong contender for a second Best Drama Actress nomination

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Between her brand new family and the success of ABC’s “Scandal,” Kerry Washington is arguably having the year of her life.

Portraying the ultimate political fixer, leader of her team (affectionately known as her Gladiators), and all-around best-dressed badass, Olivia Pope, Washington has paved the way for strong, female leads on television. She truly is a force to be reckoned with.

When she was nominated for Best Actress in a drama last year, Washington became the first African-American nominee in her category in 18 years. With a second consecutive nomination, could this be her year?

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In TheWrap’s Emmy nominee Q&A quickie, Washington spoke about her experience on Season 3 of “Scandal,” the other show that would get her Emmy vote, and the clever ways she hid her pregnancy from viewers.

What was the toughest thing you had to do this season?
Kerry Washington:
This was for sure Olivia’s darkest season so far. It was a wonderful challenge to play such a powerful woman experiencing her own powerlessness.

What was the most fun thing you had to do this season?
Hide behind purses, stacks of paperwork and Tony Goldwyn‘s leg. [Editor’s note: Washington was pregnant while shooting the last season and had to hide it because her character wasn’t.]

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Let’s assume that somebody has never seen your show. What would you say to persuade them to watch it?
It’s a roller coaster ride that you don’t have to leave home to get on!

You’re an Emmy voter. You can’t vote for yourself or your show. Who’s at the top of your ballot?
“Key & Peele.”

If you could play another role on any other show, what would it be?
Arya Stark on “Games of Thrones.”

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What was the last TV show you binge-watched? How many episodes did you see in a sitting?
“Luther.” I think four.

If you get nominated, what will you pick as your Emmy episode?
I have no idea! I’m honestly honored to even be asked that question.

Is this the Golden Age of Television?
I think it is! I’m so grateful to be working in this medium at this time.