7 Questions With ‘Parenthood’ Star Monica Potter: Emmy Contender Quickie

The “Parenthood” star talks about crying all season long and how binge-watching “Dance Moms” made her flu worse

After the natural end of the “For Your Consideration” push, the period for Emmy voting closes on Friday.

To kick off our Emmy contenders series, TheWrap spoke with “Parenthood” star Monica Potter, who was nominated for a 2014 Golden Globe award.

In our conversation, Potter talked about crying on-camera all the time, mercifully losing a small-screen mayoral race and pelting her camera operator with an egg. She also revealed who she would hand a trophy to, when the Golden Age of TV actually was and how binge-watching “Dance Moms” with her daughter was worse than having the flu.

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What was the toughest thing you had to do this season?
This season … oh gosh. Probably, I would say the mayoral storyline. Believe it or not, that stuff was a little bit tougher. Not tougher, but just — it was different. It was different from the cancer storyline because I don’t like speaking in front of large crowds, so for some of that stuff and the speeches, I was really uncomfortable with a lot of it. But, I made it fun.

It’s a good thing you didn’t win then, right?
Totally. That’s what I said at the end of the race. Well, Peter [Krause] and I said, “Can we please, please just, if you’re asking our opinion, can you please not have Kristina win?” We begged. I don’t know if they had that planned already, but yeah.

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What was the most fun thing you had to do this season? You were crying for a lot of the season, so I apologize for asking about the most fun thing …
I know, I feel like I’m crying every season. Oh, when we got to throw eggs at the sign. I nailed our camera operator, which was awesome. I really did. And I screamed, because I felt like I just got him. It was great.

You’re an Emmy voter. You can’t vote for yourself or your show. Who’s at the top of your ballot?
You know who I loved? Edie Falco. She’s my favorite. She’s good. Edie Falco, all the way. She’s classy and she’s good.

If you get nominated, what will you pick as your Emmy episode?
Probably the episode that I sat with Gwen [Rose Abdoo].

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Is this the Golden Age of Television?
Is this the Golden Age of television? I think the ’80s were. I love all the ’80s shows. Like, if you were to ask me these questions in the ’80s … I could rattle off a thousand different answers. Like, “Three’s Company,” “The Golden Girls,” all those shows, “Alice,” they’re all sitcoms, of course. And even “The Carol Burnett Show,” going back a little bit more.

I think that television now is a little bit more highbrow and sort of on a cinematic level. I think with the “Game of Thrones” and “Downton Abbey” … There’s something to be said about those really old shows. Like “The Cosby Show,” and even “Roseanne.” I think that those shows were genius. I miss the half hours that have the family at the center. I think that it needs to come back to that.

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What is the last TV series you binge watched? How many episodes did you watch in one viewing?
I’m embarrassed to say this. I’m really embarrassed to say this. It was, gosh, probably a year ago that I binge watched … it was two days before New Year’s. No, it was the 29th or whatever, and I was really sick with the flu with my little one. We had just gotten back from Cleveland, and we were in bed binge-watching “Dance Moms.”

I think I watched probably, I want to say 30 episodes. And I’m not going to lie to you when I say that I actually felt sicker and I got more sick with the flu as I watched it. I was so weak that I couldn’t change the channel. Molly and I were both sweating and she was like, “Mom, make it stop.” But, I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it. Horrible, it’s horrible. I think about it and I shudder.

There’s no inoculation for “Dance Moms”
No, there isn’t and there should be. I need to get my “Dance Moms” flu shot.