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Abigail Disney’s Fork Films Shuts Down

Fewer than 10 roles were eliminated at the documentary and feature company behind ”The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales“ and ”Crip Camp“

Abigail Disney’s documentary and feature production company Fork Films, which is behind such projects as “Crip Camp” and her recent doc “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales,” is shutting down, TheWrap has learned.

A spokesperson for the company told TheWrap that fewer than 10 roles were ultimately eliminated. However, staff was informed of the decision to shutter the company back in February and had been working to wind the company down by the end of September. Further, individual stakeholders, collaborators and filmmakers were informed of the decision as of July.

Several staffers will remain to complete working on the rollout of their most recent film “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales” over the coming months, according to the spokesperson. Disney plans to continue making films, the spokesperson adds.

Disney, who is an activist, filmmaker and the granddaughter of Walt Disney Company co-founder Roy O. Disney, premiered “The American Dream” at Sundance this year before it was released last week. The film looks at the issue of income inequality specifically at Disneyland and its employees as they fight for a livable wage.

Fork Films has also been behind the Oscar-nominated “Crip Camp” and the Emmy-nominated HBO feature film “The Tale” starring Laura Dern. Disney had also executive produced the film “Jihad Rehab,” which premiered at Sundance. After backlash within the Muslim community over the film’s white director telling the story of “reformed” detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Disney in February apologized for the film’s failings. The film recently made news again last month after the film’s director was profiled by The New York Times and raised questions about authorship, representation and whom should be the ones telling stories of other communities.

Variety first reported Monday’s news.