A 6-Step Hollywood Action Plan For Sora’s Generative AI Wake-Up Call

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Here is an entertainment industry “cheat sheet” to minimize risks and maximize opportunities

A screenshot of a video of a Dalmatian on a ledge rendered by OpenAI's Sora
A Dalmatian on a ledge rendered by OpenAI's Sora (OpenAI)

OpenAI’s recent “Sora” text-to-cinematic quality video debut is a wake-up call for Hollywood. It has opened eyes in the industry — many for the first time — to generative AI’s immense power. That power certainly threatens jobs, just as any new disruptive technology always does. But it also opens new creative possibilities, new jobs, and new business models. Sora — which is currently limited to producing one-minute micro-short films — underscores that generative AI is in its early innings. 

So the key question for all of us, no matter what role we play (business or creative), is how we best prepare ourselves for success in an industry that is increasingly transformed by generative AI.


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