Adam Levine Sang the ‘Sesame Street’ Theme Like Michael Jackson on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

A new game from Jimmy Fallon also gifted us Bob Dylan singing “Rude”

If Maroon 5 breaks up, the fledgling acting career never really gets off the ground, the modeling gigs dry up, and reality TV stops calling… well, if all those unlikely disaster scenarios happen to Adam Levine, he always has a future in karaoke.

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The pop star joined Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show” on Tuesday, where the two played a new game called Wheel of Musical Impressions. One might think that emulating celebrities’ voices would be Fallon’s domain, but Levine showed that he has quite the range beyond his famous falsetto.

Of course, the ability to hit the high notes helped him simulate Michael Jackson singing the theme to “Sesame Street” in an unsettlingly uncanny fashion, but he also dropped down to do a pretty decent Eddie Vedder crooning “Muffin Man.”

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Fallon, meanwhile, does do a pretty credible Bob Dylan, but we all knew that already.