Adele Appears to Vanish Into Thin Air at Opening Night of Vegas Residency (Video)

The “30” singer-songwriter left fans scratching their heads when she disappeared behind a cloud of confetti at the close of her show

Getty Images

Adele fans know she says “Hello” in a spectacular way, but now, judging by opening night at her Caesars Palace residency in Las Vegas, she has proven that she also says “goodbye” in a breathtaking way.

The 15-time Grammy winner irked fans and broke a few hearts when she postponed her Vegas residency earlier this year. But if the rave reviews she received weren’t enough to pick up spirits, the singer-songwriter closed out her performance with what can only be described as a magic trick.

Following her grand finale “Love Is a Game,” an enormous vertical column of pink confetti cascaded down, completely obscuring her body. Seconds later, after the confetti cleared, she appeared to have vanished into thin air.

At the end of a clip posted by Adele’s official fan page, someone can be heard yelling “What the f–?” That more or less captured the mood on social media as astonished fans scrambled to figure out how she’d pulled it off.

“When Adele disappeared into the burst of heart confetti I cried a bit. You really did that babes!!! SOOPGODDESS wrote on Twitter user. “Singing your ass off AND a magic show as the finale??? You’re taking it!!!”

“The singer Adele suffer a mild concussion after 20 pounds of confetti falls on top of her at her Las Vegas Residency,” another user jokingly captioned a video of the moment labeled “I now need to leave rooms like this.”

“Not Adele doing the disappearing act in Vegas,” a third fan remarked.

“Weekends With Adele” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will run for 32 dates until March 25, 2023. Read below for more reactions: