‘Rust’ Producers ‘Obstructed the Criminal Investigation’ of Halyna Hutchins’ Death, Prosecutor Says

The cinematographer was shot and killed when a prop gun was fired by Alec Baldwin, who may still face charges

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin (John Lamparski/Getty Images)

New Mexico special prosecutor Kari T. Morrissey stated on Friday that the producers of ill-fated western “Rust” — including star Alec Baldwin — have “obstructed the criminal investigation” into the October 2021 on-set shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

A judge ordered producers to hand over financial records and memos that were previously requested by Morrissey.

“Rust Productions has either intervened, interfered or obstructed the criminal investigation in this case,” said Morrissey, citing producers’ attempt to block a subpoena for the documents. Producers have yet to share Baldwin’s contract for the film, which prosecutors believe may have included incentives to bring the movie in ahead of schedule or under budget.

Morrissey said that Rust Productions is at fault for Hutchins’ death, because it “cut corners at every chance” and “hired inexperienced and ill-equipped crew members,” the L.A. Times reported.

Defense attorney Abigail R. Wolberg argued that Baldwin’s salary and how money was spent on the film isn’t needed in the state’s case against armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. The armorer has already pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and evidence tampering. Her trial was recently pushed to February.

“The state has made it very clear in its statements that it’s still considering bringing charges against Alec Baldwin,” Wolberg said. “I see these subpoenas as nothing more than continuing down that path.”

A charge of involuntary manslaughter was initially filed against Baldwin, but was later dropped.

Morrissey also faulted “Rust” producers for possible interference with witnesses: “A lawyer [was] on the scene within 30 to 60 minutes after this fatal shooting, who was running around and talking to witnesses before the police could speak to those witnesses,” she said.

Baldwin’s renewed production of “Rust,” which was moved to Montana, has been on hold because of the actors’ and writers’ strikes.


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  1. Linda Miller Avatar
    Linda Miller

    It is disgusting that all of the producers on Rust dome with no experience of managing crews properly and allowed the line producer and UPM to treat the crew with such disrespect as to not get them hotels rooms and cut corners to eventually bring them to a place to leave as they did not feel safe . great to be a grandiose producer in name but it means caring and understanding a lot which none of them did. Much shame on all of you. 

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