‘Beef’: Ali Wong and Steven Yeun Embrace Road Rage and Revenge in Trailer for Netflix Series (Video)

Ashley Park also stars in Netflix’s new dark comedy launching April 6

Ali Wong and Steven Yeun are not taking the high road in the new Netflix series “Beef,” as evidenced by the comedy series’ first trailer.

After an incident of road rage between failing contractor Danny (Yeun) and self-made entrepreneur Amy (Ali Wong) intensifies their already gut-wrenching anxiety and frustration with the world, the pair become laser-focused on getting revenge on one another as their feud begins to unravel their lives.

“I’ve been hustling my whole life and look where it’s gotten me,” Danny says with disappointment as he checks the stock market while Amy pleads separately, “just make it stop.”

Instead of stopping, however, life throws yet another wrench into Danny and Amy’s lives through a tense encounter on the road that could have easily ended in a colossal crash. Though Amy speeds away and avoids an initial fender bender, she tests fate when she throws Danny the middle finger and a rage-filled car chase ensues.

Even after their initial confrontation passes, the pair can’t seem to quit their revenge fantasy for one another. “I have a very full life I’d like to get back to,” Amy says, narrowing her vision from her loving family to seeing only vengence. “I’m gonna find you and take what little you have.”

Danny, on the other hand, is certain he sees through Amy’s seemingly untouchable facade, mocking “You’re just a suburban house wife and now you’re stuck in a life you never wanted.”

While Jordan (Maria Bello) applauds Amy for having “this serene, zen Buddhist thing going on,” Amy’s fury — a force that goes as far as grabbing her gun to her phone or after seeing that a handyman pissed on her hardwood floor — is clearly not going away.

“I’m a dangerous guy — so stop messing with me and leave me alone or else,” Danny threatens while Amy responds, “I would love to let this go, but actions have consequences.”

Despite their deep rooted hatred for one another, it’s clear the duo has more in common than they realize as their anger fills a void not felt by the happy-go-lucky staples that surround the two.

“Maybe we’re not normal,” Danny suggests. “Maybe normal people are just delusional,” Amy responds.

Hailing from A24, Lee Sung Jin serves as creator and executive producer for “Beef” alongside executive producers Steven Yeun, Ali Wong and Jake Schreier. Matthew Medlin also produces the 10-episode half hour dark comedy.

In addition to Yeun and Wong, the show’s cast includes Joseph Lee, Young Mazino, David Choe, Patti Yasutake, with recurring cast including Maria Bello, Ashley Park, Justin H. Min, Mia Serafino, Remy Holt, Andrew Santino, Rek Lee.

“Beef” premieres April 6 on Netflix.