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All Eyes on “Watchmen”

The landmark graphic novel is to graphic-novel geeks what “Schindler’s List” is to Jews and ”Twilight“ is to teen-age girls.

One of the most popular graphic novels of all time — and one of the most groundbreaking — "Watchmen" has finally made it to the screen, directed by "300’s" Zack Snyder. TheWrap explains why this film seems so important, and looks at why other comics-to-screen have passed or failed.


Also, a box-office preview: ‘Watchmen’ will win a competition-challenged weekend, but can it match the hype?


A Primer for Non-Geeks

What you need to know about Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel — and why it is to comic-book geeks what “Schindler’s List” is to Jews.

By Bill Cunningham







How Other Comic Books Have Fared

"Watchmen’s" road to the big screen has been lined with naysayers. But it’s not the first time. TheWrap looks at the the top-grossing superhero movies of all time — did they make it because of the source material or in spite of it?

By Liz Miller 




Will It Be a Hit or a Miss?

TheWrap’s box-office preview: Unless Tyler Perry pulls off a miracle, "Watchmen" will surely win the weekend. But will it bring in enough non-graphic-novel fans to be a bona fide hit?

By Lauren Horwitch




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