Here Are All the Songs in David Fincher’s ‘The Killer’

The Smiths are a favorite

The Killer
Michael Fassbender in "The Killer" (Netflix)

David Fincher’s “The Killer” is taking his shot.

The latest from the filmmaker behind macabre masterpieces like “Seven,” “Zodiac” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” follows an unnamed assassin (Michael Fassbender) after a hit goes wrong. If you screw up at work, maybe you send an apologetic email or try and pretend like it never happened. If you’re the titular killer, you set out on a roaring rampage of revenge, crisscrossing the globe as you attempt to (bloodily) tie up loose ends.

But that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy what you do. And one of the things that makes Fassbender’s murderer stand out is that he makes mix tapes for his assassinations, with a particular fondness for The Smiths, who become the sort of Simon and Garfunkel for the world of “The Killer.”

“I always knew that I wanted to use ‘How Soon is Now?’ because I love the guitar. And I love the idea of somebody going, what Johnny Marr is doing here is my meditation. I just thought it was amusing,” Fincher told GQ about the choice of music. “But originally, we had an entire soundtrack that was Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, full-on pre-goth. It was really cool, and really interesting, but you kept asking yourself, Is he a music critic? But as we went along, you would find out that a song’s publishing was split amongst two or three different parties who are no longer speaking, and blah, blah, blah. And every time a song would drop out, we would replace it with The Smiths. ‘This Charming Man,’ and so on. Every single time it was The Smiths, it was both sardonic, and raw. Trent [Reznor] was a big part of this: we kept thinking, what do we want to say about this guy?I love the idea of a guy who has a mixtape to go and kill people. But if we have all of these disparate musical influences, are we missing an opportunity to see into this guy is? The Smiths became a kind of stained glass window into who this guy was.”

As to how much a treasure trove of classic Smiths tunes cost, Fincher told GQ: “Well, I’m not gonna say it was cheap. But it shouldn’t be. That’s a major body of work.” And it’s true – there are 11 Smiths songs used on the soundtrack to “The Killer.”

There is of course, a nerve-shredding score as well by frequent Fincher collaborators Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (of pioneering electronic rock band Nine Inch Nails). The details of the score album are being kept in one of the killer’s many locked boxes, but you can expect that it’ll be coming soon.

Here is every song in “The Killer:”

The Smiths – “Well I Wonder”

The Smiths – “I Know It’s Over’

The Smiths – “How Soon Is Now?”

The Smiths – “Hand In Glove”

The Smiths – “Bigmouth Strikes Again”

The Smiths – “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”

The Smiths – “Girlfriend In A Coma”

The Smiths – “Shoplifters Of The World Unite”

The Smiths – “Unhappy Birthday”

The Smiths – “This Charming Man”

The Smiths – “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”

Portishead – “Glory Box”

Fiesta Latina – “Qbanito”

DS Dariel feat. JC Karo – “Vuelve Conmigo”

Orlando Angelo – “Chopstick”

Avalanche The Architect – “Pop Pop”

Crewsont – “Another Level”

Gretchen Parlato – “Better Than”

nok nok x Tkettle – “Can’t Help Myself”

“The Killer” is in theaters now and on Netflix on November 10.


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