ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Raises $10.3 Million in Just 24 Hours

The figure tops $8.6 million raised on Tuesday

Mickey Rourke completes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on "Late NIght with Seth Meyers"

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge reached new heights on Wednesday by raising an astonishing $10.3 million in a single day.

The ALS Association released the figure on Thursday, just a day after it touted $8.6 million in donations on Tuesday.

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To date, the viral charity phenomenon has scored $41.8 million to support the organization’s pledge to fund research for the neurodegenerative disease, often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, as well as provide services for those living with it.

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That figure is nearly 20 times the amount the challenge raised in the same time period last year when videos of people dumping ice-cold water on their head were popping up on your Facebook feed.

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ALS Association reports that funds have come from existing donors, as well as 739,275 new ones.

The fact that the charitable campaign — which has gotten a significant boost from Hollywood figures and sports stars racing to participate — has nearly doubled the amount of money raised in several weeks this year in the past two days suggests the ice bucket challenge won’t be disappearing from your Facebook feed any time soon.

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