‘And Just Like That’ Trailer Ends With a Carrie and Aidan Dinner Date

Season 2 of the Max comedy is set to premiere June 22

Change is in the air for Season 2 of “And Just Like That.” Max has released the first official trailer for the second installment of its “Sex and the City” spinoff series, which is set to premiere June 22 on the streaming service.

“You don’t move on because you’re ready to. You move on because you’ve outgrown who you used to be,” Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) says in the first moments of the trailer.

Mostly composed of quick jokes from this upcoming season, the video doesn’t offer many details about what fans can expect. But it’s still possible to piece together some upcoming plot points. Carrie, a year removed from the death of Big (Chris North), has officially returned to her iconic Manhattan apartment. Even more surprisingly, she actually uses her stove to boil an egg, a place that only used to serve as extra storage.

Meanwhile, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) scoops up sea creatures on the beaches of Los Angeles. After moving to the west coast to be with her new partner Che (Sara Ramirez), it seems like there’s going to be trouble in paradise as she tries to adjust to her new lifestyle. “I don’t know who you are,” Miranda says. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”

As for Charlotte (Kristen Davis), she’s embracing her wilder side. In the trailer, she is offered a job by an unknown man and returns home to her husband and kids drunk, proudly revealing that she had shots.

Series newcomers Sarita Choudhury, who plays Carrie’s friend Seema; Karen Pittman, who plays Miranda’s professor Dr. Nya Wallace; and Nicole Ari Parker, who plays Charlotte’s frenemy Lisa Todd Wexley, also appear in the trailer.

Season 2’s trailer also includes appearances from Mario Cantone (as Anthony Marentino), David Eigenberg (as Steve Brady), Evan Handler (as Harry Goldenblatt), Cathy Ang (as Lily Goldenblatt) and Alexa Swinton (as Rose Goldenblatt).

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett in a still from “And Just Like That.” (Max)

But the biggest moment of the trailer goes to Carrie. In a callback to the original series, Carrie sends her ex, Aidan (John Corbett), an email asking, “Hey Stranger… Remember me?”

The next scene features Carrie and Aidan laughing on a dinner date. The original series often argued that there were two great loves in Carrie’s life: Big and Aidan. Now that Big is dead, it looks like Aidan’s back in the picture.

But he isn’t the only surprise return this season has in store. Max revealed Wednesday that Kim Cattrall would be returning for a cameo in “And Just Like That” Season 2. Cattrall has long said that she would “never” return to the franchise, and Parker has said she was OK with her former costar staying away.