Andy Samberg Gets Facebook Tech Support From Mark Zuckerberg (Video)

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star also played “5-Second Summaries” with Jimmy Fallon during “The Tonight Show”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Andy Samberg doesn’t call the Facebook help line when he needs tech support, he texts Mark Zuckerberg directly.

The former “Saturday Night Live” star told Jimmy Fallon during an interview (above) on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” that Zuckerberg insisted on creating an account for him, and then had no problem making it go dormant when Samberg asked.

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“I said, ‘If you set up my account, and you’re my only friend so I can tell this on a talk show, and it’s a private account and none of your friends start emailing me,’” Samberg said. “And then the following week I started getting emails and friend requests from his friends, and I texted him, ‘Hey man, I hate to do this to you, head of Facebook, but I think I need some tech support here.’ And he was so cool about it.”

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Also cool? Restaurant chain Umami Burger named a menu item after Samberg.

After eating his signature creation, The Samburger — a beef patty in between a bun with all the toppings found on a Chicago-style hot dog — in front of a hungry audience, Fallon challenged his guest to a game of 5-second movie summaries.

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Watch the game below: