Apple Has a Cheaper Version of Its Vision Pro Headset Model on the Way

There will also be a proper successor to the debut product

Apple Vision Pro headset
Apple Vision Pro

A cheaper Vision Pro is set to hit markets as soon as the end of 2025, and a second-generation Vision Pro is also in development, according to a new Bloomberg report. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman speculated the weaker model will feature a lesser chip and less impressive display but won’t compromise on the core functionalities of the headset (seeing other people and hand-tracking tech).

The evidence is in the name of the initial product itself: Vision “Pro,” with the implication being that there will be a non-“Pro” version coming up. Because the Vision Pro is being sold at or near cost, with Apple not set to profit much from the Pro’s hefty $3,500 price tag, Gurman theorized the aforementioned tech downgrades will help reduce both the production and retail prices.

A reduced price could be how Apple convinces consumers to get on board with its new device, the likes of which it’s billing as a technological revolution on par with the iPhone. As it currently stands, even with consumer-facing partnerships like Disney+ coming to the platform on day one, the Vision Pro is priced too high for a regular consumer to pay it much attention.

“It will not justify itself to average consumers, ever,” said Anshel Sag, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, told TheWrap when asked whether its potential home theater applications could help justify its price to regular people.

Other experts agreed that, at least in concept, the Vision Pro is unlikely to win over consumers on the basis that the price is just too eye-wateringly high for the headset to ever enter the mainstream, no matter how interesting its tech may be.

Beyond the cheaper spinoff, a second-generation of the proper Vision Pro is already in the works and packs a faster processor, according to the report. There’s no word on whether that model will maintain the reported near-or-at-cost sales structure of the Vision Pro or go with a different pricing strategy. No release date window was provided for the sequel device.

Apple did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.