Is Apple’s Vision Pro a Home Theater Revolution? | Analysis

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Execs bill the headset as revolutionary, but the $3,499 price tag could limit market impact

disney apple vision pro
Disney played an example of how Apple Vision Pro users could interact with its programming. (Apple, Disney)

Apple recently unveiled its Vision Pro headset, a $3,499 augmented reality device. But experts are still debating if the expensive gear can redefine the home theater experience.

Alongside Apple’s reveal was news (served up by Disney CEO Bob Iger, himself) that a version of Disney+ would be available on it at launch, providing three-dimensional, immersive Disney experiences that won’t be possible elsewhere. That announcement was a key endorsement from a major media player and also helps suggest to consumers a clear use for the device: high-definition movie and TV watching anywhere, not just in a dedicated room.

“We believe this is the first step in a broader theater experience for consumers and could be a gamechanger down the road when price points come down markedly by 2025,” said Wedbush managing director Daniel Ives.