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The Ari Emanuel Vs Irving Azoff Emails: ‘I Keep Grudges for a Lifetime’ (Exclusive)

Yes, we have them. Guess who said this one: "Please block this psychopath"

Hollywood has been buzzing about the poison pen emails that have been flying back and forth in recent days between WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel and Irving Azoff, manager extraordinaire and possibly the most powerful guy in the music business.

We have the emails. And it ain't pretty.

Says Ari: "After repeatedly lying to me after I was loyal and defended you, you tried to take clients from this agency and never took responsibility for it."

Says Irving: "Love you tons Ari. I understand your illness. I forgive you."

Azoff’s wife Shelli chimes in as peacemaker with a lengthy plea to Ari to “Stop it" and count his blessings.

Instead, Ari snaps back: “Wake up and smell the coffee."

Shelli: “I hate coffee or anything mocha flavored."

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WaxWord's personal favorite is Shelli Azoff's retort: "PS I am in the air on my new g450 just left Montana after buying it, we did ok with the LN stock, like I said, half full. Xoxoxo"

How did it all start?

Emanuel has been steaming over the fact that the Azoff's son, Jeffrey, went to work at rival agency CAA, where he has been bringing business. Emanuel holds Irving Azoff responsible for his losing clients like Britney Spears to the Death Star.

Meanwhile, Azoff resigned as CEO of Live Nation last year. Ari started this bitchfest after a Financial Times article came out last week about the concert company’s performance. He emailed Azoff on the 21st in the morning and told the music manager that he had stupidly sold his stock, since Live Nation stock went up.

That's how it started. But Emanuel, once a close friend of the Azoffs, has considered it perfidy that CAA hired his son. (Not that Jeffrey Azoff was ever working at or recruited by WME.)

We don't know what's gotten into Ari lately. Two weeks ago he launched an elaborate and expensive prank on CAA, papering the Century City mall with wannabe "CAAn't" posters. Agents inside his shop put their heads down, embarrassed.

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And now he's ignited an unnecessary war with a longtime friend – over what? Over the chance that Iriving Azoff picks Ari over his own son? Ari's smart, he knows that that's a losing battle. So yes, it's all pretty juicy and good gossip for the Hollywood grapevine, but we have to wonder: what is up with Ari Emanuel?

Both Azoff and Emanuel have declined to comment to TheWrap on this story.

A portion of the dozen or so emails dated June 21 are posted below:

Ari to Irving:

>>> I don't want to wish you well.
. You also take no responsibility for your actions and their impact on people. After repeatedly lying to me after I was loyal and defended you, you tried to take clients from this agency and never took responsibility for it.
. That's not happening with me. I'm not from this town. My roots are elsewhere, and let me tell you something: I don't forget and won't forget. I keep grudges for a lifetime, and you're one of them now. I look forward to the relationship that we now have.

Irving to Irene, his assistant, and Ari:

>>> Irene. Please block this psychopath from sending me further emails. Love you tons Ari. I understand your illness. I forgive you.

Shelli Azoff, copied on the email string, to Ari:

I wake up every morning and look up and say thank you.. I can't believe my life, I am blessed beyond my wildest expectations… I have the most amazing husband and children who are healthy and happy and who love me unconditionally..I have more money then I can spend (not saying I would say no to more), i surround myself with people who are funny, happy and loving, AND I survived cancer… I am happy everyday and I live my life in a positive way.
I try to solve problems with compromise and always give the benefit of the doubt. I have never been an angry person and think that fighting is a waste of time. I believe that success and happiness are the best revenge that life has to offer when somebody treats me badly..
Irving lives his life the same way. He is the best person I have ever known. He is loyal and generous to a fault.. You couldn't have a better friend in your life.
Is he a good business man, yes, brilliant.. I am sorry you feel lied to, I know that there has been a lot of mistrust and miscommunication between the two of you during the past year and I believe that some of that was caused by outside people and some of it because u each were protecting your own interests. That happens, but he was always looking to do the right thing, for all involved.. Im sorry u dont believe that. Taking your clients? I don't know ari, I feel like I just read that Brett Ratner left his rep to come to you, isn't that considered taking a client? That is business.. It goes both ways, I believe he gave u clients in the past too. He came from nothing and has accomplished more than I could ever have dreamed of, he is respected and well liked, so he must be doing something right..
If you want to fight with him, go for it, but if I have anything to say about it, it will be a one way fight because we honestly like u and your whole family, and besides, do u really want to spend your energy that way? Do u really want another enemy? Do u really think U can hurt Irving? U r at the top of the mountain, sit back and enjoy it, make friends because truly ari, nobody stays there, I am older then you and have seen it a million times..
This is me, this is who I am and I hate coffee or anything mocha flavored but it was a great line, I give u that.. We will always give u a hug and a kiss, we would go to Auldbrass with u and on the boat too, because whether u believe it or not we r your friends…
PS I am in the air on my new g450 just left Montana after buying it, we did ok with the LN stock, like I said, half full. Xoxoxo