Arnold Schwarzenegger Says SAG Awards ‘Perfect Place’ for Stars to Speak Out Against Trump (Video)

“Entertainment, politics, you know it’s all kind of like, all together,” “The New Celebrity Apprentice” host tells “Access Hollywood”

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” and former Republican governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t mind when celebrities speak out against President Trump’s incendiary executive order on refugees from Muslim-majority countries.

“I was busy yesterday and I did not watch the show, but I’ve heard about it,” Schwarzenegger told “Access Hollywood” when asked about stars speaking out during the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night. “I think that people have to choose where they want to get their statements out… everyone picks a different place to do it. For them, obviously, a perfect place to do it.”

Schwarzenegger continued: “Entertainment, politics, you know it’s all kind of like, all together.”

He went on to say there are a lot of people in the entertainment business who would like to be politicians but asked, “Who really would have the guts?”

“It’s all, do you have the balls to do it? Because you will get criticized. Automatically when you step into politics, 50 percent of the people don’t like you,” Schwarzenegger said. “It’s a rough thing to get into.”

The SAG awards aren’t the only place stars are speaking out. Earlier on Monday, Michael Keaton sent a series of tweets criticizing the travel ban.

Meanwhile, J.K. Rowling has been using Twitter to express her opinion and combat Trump supporters who are trolling her online.

On Sunday night, the awards gave Hollywood a platform to address the national meltdown over Trump’s incendiary executive order. On the heels of Saturday’s Sundance Film Festival closing night awards ceremony in Utah and the PGA Awards in Beverly Hills, star acting talent used the Shrine Auditorium to decry Trump, solicit donations or offer comfort and apologies to refugees and international neighbors on Sunday.

Kerry Washington, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mahershala Ali , John Lithgow, Sarah Paulson and Bryan Cranston are among the people who spoke up last night after a variety of stars already bashed the executive order on Twitter.

“Trump’s #MuslimBan is against the law,” “House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon tweeted Saturday. “The 1965 Immigration & Naturalization Act eliminated national origins as a basis for immigration.”

“Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani tweeted: “This #MuslimBan is also messing up attendance at our bi-weekly ‘Undermine Western Civilization’ meetings.”

Check out the video above.